The Definitive Guide To Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Note: This post is over 7,000 words and will take about 25 minutes to read. You can purchase it on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback if that is more convenient. Also, if you’re a bit overwhelmed, I have a free course for Twitter for Business. Twitter marketing is too valuable to ignore for any type…

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How Can I Manage My Twitter Account’s Suggestion Feed?

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Twitter’s suggested feed might not be what you want to see. So, how can you change it? You can do this in three ways. This topic comes from a question from Quora. “How can I manage my Twitter account’s suggestion feed?“ Change Twitter’s Default View to Circumvent Twitter’s Suggestion Feed It is a bit annoying that…

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How Do You Get Customers on Twitter? My Top 7 Tips

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Can you really get customers on Twitter? Yes. You can. I do. Most of the time. Yes, if you’re in business and it’s focused on business-to-business (B2B), then you need Twitter. I recently talked with Kim Doyal on this subject as well. Firstly, you can’t analyze data that you don’t measure. Tracking your lead source…

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Twitter Management Tools – Here Are My 11 Tools

What tools are best for twitter management? The short answer is Twitter. Most people don’t like when I say that, though. Of course, it depends on what you want to achieve and how much money you want to waste — er — spend. Overall, the native app is the best way to manage Twitter with…

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5 Reasons to use Twitter Animated GIFs for Your Brand

Twitter Animated GIFs are a fun way to bring emotion and the power of mirror neurons in your brand’s communications. Twitter is the perfect place for GIFs. Before we talk about the five reasons, let’s talk about what GIFs are and where you get them. What are GIFs? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and,…

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