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She’ll tell you what she thinks is best regardless if it is what you think you want to hear, she’ll challenge you to think broadly about your vision and goals with social, and she’ll curate storytelling into each component of your content strategy.” Michelle Keefer, MA MBA

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Who is Bridget?

What is a Fractional Marketing Director? (Sounds like BS)

A Fractional Marketing Director is an extension of your existing team. Maybe you need some strategy meetings. I got you. Maybe you just need Twitter management. I got you. Need an editorial calendar, topics, and the actual writing — bonus points for publishing on WordPress, Webflow, or some other weird website system? I got you.

“These are the people on the front lines, rolling up their sleeves to do the work, and doing it really, really well. Little oversight from senior leadership required.” Amanda Natividad, SparkToro

Why Don’t You Just Get a Job Then?

Having many non-competing clients allows me to use my time in the best way possible. I started my business in the fall of 2017 out of necessity but, if I’m honest, all of my life events lead me to this.

From being a pastor’s wife to becoming a widow, from working in construction offices to teaching math and even a partnership in a chicken hatchery, I’ve risen to the top while empowering everyone around me.

I love reading nonfiction and watching documentaries. I’m fascinated by colloquialisms (do you say “do the wash?“) and love absorbing information (did you know nitric oxide is a vasodilator?).

Every interaction I have with a human — be it a client, peer, or student — or even with an animal (cat, dog, chicken) is one that makes me think differently, improve marketing strategies, and ensure I am leaving a legacy to be proud of.

Equipping small business owners as their go-to marketing gal helps us take the right marketing approach — as a team. Helping you achieve your business goals is what drives me to excellence.

You won’t get slick sales pitches or someone who always agrees with you.

You’ll get a partner.

Are you ready?

I have time to work on your business — do you?

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Bridget Willard’s


TL;DR She’s Qualified.

Along with being a marketer who focuses on building relationships, I am an author and a teacher.

Small businesses benefit from marketing consults so that they can focus their efforts and budgets. I offer in-house training, strategic advice, as well as copywriting and social media account management for those who prefer to outsource marketing.

To equip small business owners, I write, teach, and create tutorials for your in-house team as well as offer training. You can do this! I promise.


Coaching, copywriting, & social media management

Construction & Engineering

Franchise Development





Life Coaching


Event Planning


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Helping all businesses includes helping nonprofits. Bridget Willard, LLC currently donates to The Nature Conservancy and freeCodeCamp.

We also support San Antonio-based nonprofits including Hemisfair and SAMMinistries with monthly donations.

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Author of several marketing books, Bridget Willard is a teacher who focuses on building relationships first, brands second. She prides herself in offering in-house training, marketing strategy, copywriting, and social media account management.

Her WordPress Plugin “Launch With Words” is a value-add for developers who focus on niche marketing.

To equip small business owners, she writes, teaches, presents to small groups, and creates tutorials.

When she’s not inspiring small businesses, she is reading books, watching sports with Diesel The Cat, or enjoying the outdoors in Corpus Christi, TX.

Say hi to her on Twitter at @BridgetMWillard.

Bridget Willard with a long pixie from March 17, 2023. Wearing a green suit jacket and teal colllar shirt.