The Best SEO Advice for Nonprofits — #NPChat Recap 4/19/17

What’s the best SEO advice for nonprofits? Do nonprofits even need SEO?

Yes. Nonprofits should care about SEO. Essentially online donations are e-commerce, so best practices apply to nonprofits.

Why should Nonprofits Care about SEO?

Donation sites are e-commerce. They need to be treated in the same way. You wouldn’t put an online store up and then not optimize i? Would you?

SEO isn’t black magic or wizardry. It’s really just intentional writing for your audience. It means being found. It means writing quality content that solves problems for your customers.

For nonprofits, SEO means answering the “why” to your current and potential donor base. What is your mission? Who are you serving? Why are you working so hard for your cause? Why should I donate? Who is my audience? What does my donor base care about?

Recap of #NPChat: The Best SEO Advice for Nonprofits

We had a great chat today with some engaged SEO pros and people involved in nonprofit marketing, volunteerism, and website development.

I hope you enjoy the recap.

Q1. How are you currently involved with a nonprofit?

Q2. How do you define SEO?

Q3. How do you determine your keywords?

Q4. What tools do you use to optimize your content?

Q5. What are your strategies to reach your audience?

Q6. How often do you publish?

Q7. What are your favorite SEO tips and tricks?

And that’s a wrap!

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  1. Brilliant Bridget. Simply brilliant! I hope more people involved in non-profits see this as it is a crucial tool for successful fund raising.