Keys to Being Social: Being Real in a Virtual World

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Keys to Being Social

Being Real in a Virtual World

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Is Social Media Working for You-

Or, Are You Working for It?

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There are two things required of you to be successful online: a correct mindset and the willingness to do the work.

Effective use of social media is more about mindset than tactics.

This book covers the qualities and benefits of a social mindset.

You’ll learn the overarching mentality required for your small business to succeed on social — by being a real person in a virtual world.

It is this mindset that has afforded my clients — franchises, software companies, contractors — success on social for over ten years!

Let’s look at behavior.

What do you want people to do?

Do you want people to like your brand?

Do you want people to buy your product?

Do you want people to buy your service?

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From the Author

“” covers the qualities and benefits of a social mindset for your small business.

Kyle Clayton, Realtor

Kyle Clayton Gore — Entrepreneur, REALTOR®

“Easy and actionable advice. We have seen the results. She knows what she’s doing.”

Jocelyn Mozak

Jocelyn Mozak — Entreprenuer, Developer, Coach

“Bridget’s Twitter coaching has been transformational. Now Twitter is a key part of my social media marketing. I’m building relationships and growing my online visibility. She is a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.”

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