Twitter Course for Small Business

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How do you get started using Twitter as a small business? Are you looking for a Twitter Marketing Course or Free Twitter Marketing Training? Don’t worry. I got you.

This free course will get you on the right track in just 2 days.

Money-back guarantee! 

Each of the ten videos will cover every step needed to have a healthy Twitter account. Not only do I address the how, but I talk about the why for each step!  Twitter is a huge part of a good SEO strategy so don’t delay.

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Each lesson in this course takes less than ten minutes to watch. Budget in  15 minutes of practice before moving to the next lesson. Ideally, these lessons should be taken over two days to protect you from information overload. No one has time for that!


Each student will have a working Twitter account and the skills and experience to use it daily.

Materials Needed

  • Dedicated Email
  • Username / Handle 
  • 500 x 500 px Logo or Profile Photo
  • 1500 x 500 px Header Image
  • 160 Character Bio
  • Website Address
  • Access to YouTube, WiFi
  • Instructions for Desktop
  • A Hootsuite Account (Free)


Each student should watch the video and perform the steps outlined.


Each of the ten videos will cover every step needed to have a healthy Twitter account and an active presence for your business. Each video is under ten minutes. Ideally, these lessons would be taken on the same day in a two-hour period. 

Group Size

This video series is intended for one person but can be viewed in a group. In a live setting, this can be done in a two hour class.

Homework & Exams

Each student should complete the steps for their Twitter account after every video. There are no exams for this curriculum. With that said, every lesson builds upon the last. 

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Bridget Willard Bridget Willard Author

Along with being a marketer who focuses on building relationships, I am an author and a teacher. Small businesses benefit from marketing consults so that they can focus their efforts and budgets. I offer in-house training, strategic advice, as well as copywriting and social media account management for those who prefer to outsource marketing. To empower small business owners, I write, teach, and create tutorials for your in-house team as well as offer training. You can do this! I promise.

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