How Can I Manage My The X Platform (Twitter) Account’s Suggestion Feed?

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Twitter’s suggested feed might not be what you want to see. So, how can you change it? You can do this in three ways. This topic comes from a question from Quora.

How can I manage my Twitter account’s suggestion feed?

Change Twitter’s Default View to Circumvent Twitter’s Suggestion Feed

It is a bit annoying that Twitter doesn’t default to chronological view They have tried to make a good experience with personalization.

If you would like to see the latest tweets, go to the stars at the top of your feed, click on it. Choose “see latest tweets instead.” The GIF below should help. It’s slightly different on mobile.

gif on how to find the stars to choose the latest tweets instead of personalization
If you don’t like your home feed, try seeing the latest tweets instead.

Change Your Behavior to Circumvent Twitter’s Suggestion Feed

So Twitter is suggesting things based upon your current behavior. If you would like it to suggest some other things, then you need to tweak your behavior. That’s the simple answer.

For example, if you aren’t seeing enough of what you like, go and look for things that you do like. Interact with those people. Reply to those tweets.

Use Twitter Lists to Circumvent Twitter’s Suggestion Feed

Another thing that you can do is start Twitter lists. When you have a list, you add people to that list. This helps Twitter suggest your account as well as notify others they are on a list.

I have a video on how to use your lists with Hootsuite to help. I have a lot to say about lists in my blog post about Twitter lists as well. 

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Try to think of why you’re on Twitter. What is it that you want to accomplish? Twitter is for conversations and relationship building. So, if you’re not using it for that, maybe it’s just your behavior that’s not effective. I said “wrong” in the video but that has a connotation of morality. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about what is effective.

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