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What’s The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

By Bridget Willard | January 22, 2021

What’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” And as always, the best tool is the one you use. In this post I’ll let you know the WordPress SEO plugin I use. It’s RankMath. I pay for the Pro Version which is $59 per year.  Does Your…

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What’s The Best WordPress Form Plugin?

By Bridget Willard | January 10, 2021

What’s the best form plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” How about if I tell you what WordPress form I use and why instead? What’s the Best Form Plugin for WordPress? The best form plugin for WordPress is the one you use. Yes. I have a saying, “the best…

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The Definitive Guide To Twitter Marketing Strategy

By Bridget Willard | January 2, 2021

Note: This post is over 7,000 words and will take about 25 minutes to read. You can purchase it on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback if that is more convenient. Twitter marketing is too valuable to ignore for any type of business. Yet so many businesses undervalue Twitter in their overall marketing strategy. It’s super…

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How Can I Manage My Twitter Account’s Suggestion Feed?

By Bridget Willard | November 20, 2020

Twitter’s suggested feed might not be what you want to see. So, how can you change it? You can do this in three ways. This topic comes from a question from Quora. “How can I manage my Twitter account’s suggestion feed?“ Change Twitter’s Default View to Circumvent Twitter’s Suggestion Feed It is a bit annoying that…

Are you wondering how to use Beaver Builder, well, better? The best route is to hire a designer. They can build modules and templates for you to use!

Beaver Builder Landing Page Tutorial: Partner with a Designer

By Bridget Willard | October 18, 2020

Are you wondering how to use Beaver Builder, well, better? The best route is to hire a designer. They can build modules and templates for you to use! Can I Build My Website Myself? Yes. WordPress is for everyone. And, yes, anyone can build a website. Your biggest hurdle is having high-quality versions of your…

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How Do You Get Customers on Twitter? My Top 7 Tips

By Bridget Willard | October 2, 2020

Can you really get customers on Twitter? Yes. You can. I do. Most of the time. Yes, if your business is B2B you need Twitter. Firstly, you can’t analyze data that you don’t measure. Tracking your lead source only happens if you ask your customers how they heard about you. My friend John Locke talks…

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Remote Work Gives You the Freedom to Change

By Bridget Willard | September 25, 2020

One of the best parts of remote work — even as a self-employed person — is the freedom to work anywhere. In this case, it meant moving out of state. “I’ve been thinking ’bout catching a train Leave my phone machine by the radar range Hello it’s me, I’m not at home If you’d like…

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Train Your Social Media Feed By Commenting

By Bridget Willard | July 10, 2020

If Facebook isn’t showing you content you want to see, then find content you want to see and comment on the post. The more you do this the happier you’ll be with your home feed. Commenting (not just liking) retrains the algorithms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. It’s to their benefit to show…

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Keep Your Network Warm — Spend Time on LinkedIn

By Bridget Willard | July 4, 2020

You can’t build a network, neglect it, and then expect your LinkedIn connections to help you to find a job or get new business. You have to give to get. In this tutorial, I explain a bit more and give examples of how to share and comment appropriately. Keep Your Network Warm LinkedIn is an…

What tools are best for twitter management? The short answer is: "it depends." Overall, the native app is the best with a few other tools.

Twitter Management Tools – Here Are My 11 Tools

By Bridget Willard | June 19, 2020

What tools are best for twitter management? The short answer is Twitter. Most people don’t like when I say that, though. Of course, it depends on what you want to achieve and how much money you want to waste — er — spend. Overall, the native app is the best way to manage Twitter with…

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How to Correctly Format a Blog Post

By Bridget Willard | May 29, 2020

When you write a blog post it’s more than just an essay that you used to write for school projects. You need to write in a way that’s educational, informative, and slightly entertaining. This is marketing copy; it’s not a term paper. A blog post is not a journalistic article. People are used to seeing…

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Working from Home During Quarantine

By Jessica Larson | May 22, 2020

I don’t normally invite guest bloggers, but when Jessica Larson emailed me, I was intrigued. She has a great website of her own. Go check out her article about being a mom and solopreneur. Thanks for reading. ~ Bridget This “work from home during a pandemic” thing caught most of us entirely off guard. As…

Featured Image: A 5-Step Twitter Animated GIFs Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

5 Reasons to use Twitter Animated GIFs for Your Brand

By Bridget Willard | May 15, 2020

Twitter Animated GIFs are a fun way to bring emotion and the power of mirror neurons in your brand’s communications. Twitter is the perfect place for GIFs. Before we talk about the five reasons, let’s talk about what GIFs are and where you get them. What are GIFs? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and,…

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