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Train Your Social Media Feed By Commenting

By Bridget Willard | July 10, 2020

If Facebook isn’t showing you content you want to see, then find content you want to see and comment on the post. The more you do this the happier you’ll be with your home feed. Commenting (not just liking) retrains the algorithms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. It’s to their benefit to show…

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Keep Your Network Warm — Spend Time on LinkedIn

By Bridget Willard | July 4, 2020

You can’t build a network, neglect it, and then expect your LinkedIn connections to help you to find a job or get new business. You have to give to get. In this tutorial, I explain a bit more and give examples of how to share and comment appropriately. Keep Your Network Warm LinkedIn is an…

What tools are best for twitter management? The short answer is: "it depends." Overall, the native app is the best with a few other tools.

Twitter Management Tools – Here Are My 11 Tools

By Bridget Willard | June 19, 2020

What tools are best for twitter management? The short answer is Twitter. Most people don’t like when I say that, though. Of course, it depends on what you want to achieve and how much money you want to waste — er — spend. Overall, the native app is the best way to manage Twitter with…

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How to Correctly Format a Blog Post

By Bridget Willard | May 29, 2020

When you write a blog post it’s more than just an essay that you used to write for school projects. You need to write in a way that’s educational, informative, and slightly entertaining. This is marketing copy; it’s not a term paper. A blog post is not a journalistic article. People are used to seeing…

Working from Home During Quarantine

By Jessica Larson | May 22, 2020

I don’t normally invite guest bloggers, but when Jessica Larson emailed me, I was intrigued. She has a great website of her own. Go check out her article about being a mom and solopreneur. Thanks for reading. ~ Bridget This “work from home during a pandemic” thing caught most of us entirely off guard. As…

Featured Image: A 5-Step Twitter Animated GIFs Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

5 Reasons to use Twitter Animated GIFs for Your Brand

By Bridget Willard | May 15, 2020

Twitter Animated GIFs are a fun way to bring emotion and the power of mirror neurons in your brand’s communications. Twitter is the perfect place for GIFs. Before we talk about the five reasons, let’s talk about what GIFs are and where you get them. What are GIFs? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and,…

Time Blocking Tips – Protect Your Value

By Bridget Willard | April 18, 2020

If you’re curious about how I approach time blocking this is it. Establish Boundaries Audit Your Time Be Self Aware “Not all hours are equal.” Chris Lema  After you block your time, stick to it. It doesn’t matter which tool or app you use. The best tool is the one that you consistently use. Choose…

Keep Telling People What You Do

By Bridget Willard | April 3, 2020

It’s so important to keep telling people what you do — not in a smarmy way — but as it is appropriate. If you stop marketing, people stop thinking of you. As we naturally grow our audience and peer group it is important to remind people about what you do and how you can help…

Ads Alone Won’t Save Your Business

By Bridget Willard | March 20, 2020

Quite a few referrals have come my way over the years. I have one thing to say about pay per click (PPC) ads. Are you ready? Ads alone won’t save your business. If that is your goal, you will be throwing away money. Organic social media with a killer website and PPC is a great…

What Do You Get From a Marketing Consult?

By Bridget Willard | March 14, 2020

Consultants have gotten a bad wrap in the media for years. I still remember watching Office Space and laughing so hard at the consultants re-interviewing current employees. This scene is awesome. But I digress. What Is A Marketing Consult? A marketing consultation is where you have a conversation with a marketing professional. Marketing consults can…

Auditing Your Blog Posts – Keep, Delete, Revise

By Bridget Willard | February 14, 2020

As your website grows and you’ve been regularly publishing, there comes a time to audit your blog. What articles should you keep, delete, or revise? Auditing Your Site Is A Lot of Work So, when will you audit your site? You could do this every quarter or every year. It really depends upon your industry…

How To Be A Good Podcast Guest

By Bridget Willard | February 7, 2020

So, you’ve been invited to be a podcast guest. Great. How can you do it well. Is it easy to be a good podcast guest? You’d think it would be. But it isn’t. I’ve been on a few podcasts and interviews as well as being a co-host of WPblab since 2015. Believe me, you can be…

How To Effectively Write Social Posts

By Bridget Willard | January 17, 2020

We all know we should publish social posts. We tweet or post to Facebook, but what is the best way to do it? How should the posts be formatted? When should we post? Let’s discuss. Why Does Formatting Matter? Formatting standardizes your social posts in a way that makes your personal workflow optimal. Adhering to…

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