Marketing your plugin, forked or new, uses a different side of your brain. It takes time. If you need help or don't have the time to do it, I've got solutions for you.

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Small Business Owners — Are You Looking For Opportunities to Learn?

By Bridget Willard | April 1, 2023 |
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If you’re not learning, you can’t grow your business. Heck, you may not even be able to maintain it. In my professional career, I’ve come across peers and clients who don’t need to read a book because “they already know it.” They don’t go to sessions at a conference on SaaS Marketing because they “already…

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Image with logo and Bridget Willard's face in a phone says "Yes. Yes they do. Is anyone using Launch With Words?"

Are Websites Actually Using Launch With Words Packs?

By Bridget Willard | March 22, 2023

Are Websites Actually Using Premium Launch With Words Packs? Yes. Yes, they are. It may seem that $500 is a lot to throw down on a pack of blog posts. Maybe it is in comparison to using a $20 ChatGPT-written article. If that’s your point of view, this article isn’t going to convince you. I…

Featured image says "Online Reviews: When is the last time you looked for patterns?" Shows a photo of Bridget Willard and her logo.

Business Owners — Look For Patterns in Your Online Reviews — And Change

By Bridget Willard | January 19, 2023

It’s easy to brush off or even ignore poor online reviews? But if there are patterns in these reviews, maybe it’s YOU who needs to change. Do Online Reviews Matter? Yes, online review matter to potential customers. They’ll read bad and good reviews to get a feel for how you respond and whether or not…

The holidays are lovely but the danger of sliding through the end of the fourth quarter is the loss of marketing momentum.

Don’t Let the Holidays Slow Down Your Marketing Momentum

By Bridget Willard | November 5, 2022

The holidays are lovely but the danger of sliding through the end of the fourth quarter is the loss of marketing momentum.

featured image reads, " case study. 'It was also a huge time saver for me.' Cami MacNamara'

Launch With Words Case Study – “It was also a huge time saver for me.”

By Bridget Willard | May 5, 2022

It’s nerve-wracking to create something and sell it on the internet. At the same time, it’s humbling to see a product you’ve built go live on a website. All product owners and WordPress plugin developers feel the same. It’s affirming that your goal of reducing frustration for web developers was actualized.  As someone who consistently…

featured image reads, "Launch With Words -- Still waiting for clients to write website content?"

Getting Content From Clients — The Problem Launch With Words Solves

By Bridget Willard | April 13, 2022

How are you currently getting content from your web development clients? Is it holding up your payment? Is the website taking too long to launch? Are you waiting for your clients to write the content? Are you frustrated? Yeah. I know you are. The worst part about frustration is that it directly impacts your client…

featured image reads "Podcast Appearance: Does your school need marketing? Yes. Yes, it does."

Does a School Need Marketing? Yes, of Course.

By Bridget Willard | March 29, 2022

Does a school or university need marketing? Is it a business? Does it want students? How about faculty? Staff? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then your school needs marketing.  Rob Cairns of Stunning Digital Marketing was gracious to invite my writing partner Warren Laine-Nadia and me on his podcast to…