Marketing for WordPress Developers: You are What You Tweet

When it comes to business tools for WordPress Developers, Twitter is one of the best — if you use it correctly. Tweet to build, not tear down.

If you are what you tweet, what shouldn’t you say?

We all have a voice. We all want our voices heard. There’s no way to circumvent the need for love and belonging and acceptance. It’s part of our nature.

And in the WordPress space, we like to take all of our complaints to social media. This can be good and bad.

Firstly, public venting is almost never a good thing. Rather than posting publicly, it is better to use private Facebook groups, Snapchat, and friends to text or call.

Client Shaming on Twitter

As an aside, I’d love to see client shaming die a long, painful death. I’ve seen it in every industry I’ve been in. Twitter is supposed to make you approachable. When people see your tweets shaming clients for not understanding DNS, they will be more afraid to talk to you, let alone hire you.

It’s not the client’s responsibility to understand tech. That’s why they’re hiring you. Right? You deal with DNS and passwords and image sizes and naming conventions day in and day out. The fact that they could even find their passwords was a victory in their own eyes.

Instead, be a bridge. Be a resource. Educate. Empower your clients.

You shouldn’t be annoyed that they don’t understand what you do.

What is a good business use of Twitter?

I wrote about this more extensively, but here are some suggestions:

  • Congratulate friends.
  • Empathize with someone’s personal loss.
  • Share your hobbies.
  • Engage in light banter about red shirts v blue shirts, Croatia v France, Flexbox v Grid.
  • Promote your friends.
  • Tweet at WordCamps.
  • Share blog posts that talk about your services.
  • Educate clients on vocabulary and jargon.
  • Tweet photos from your vacation.
  • Talk about Tiger Woods reentering Golf.
  • Debate LeBron leaving the Cavaliers — again.
  • Share your struggles.
  • Ask for help.

Here are some more thoughts, Tweetable, of course

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4 responses to “Marketing for WordPress Developers: You are What You Tweet”

  1. Yup, I’m hearing this loud and clear. I especially get mad when I see people talking s*** about their clients. Often, it’s the same people every so many months. I think this one gets me, because no one forces us to make someone our client! You feel what I’m saying here?

    I think being positive, and uplifting people is in short supply right now. Everyone retweets their two or three closest friends. I try to give some other people some exposure, and maybe I fall short on that sometimes, but I would love to see the WP community as more than a series of street gangs, where we are all operating with a zero-sum mentality (i.e. can’t share anything unless it’s from a pre-written list of People We Currently Support).

    Also hear what you’re saying with sharing about current events. Some people can pull that off, and it works for their brand. Not everyone can do that. Everyone needs to figure out if that’s on-point for them.

    Piling on LeBron is always safe.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. this is so true, if you are what you tweet, you need to be interesting and smart at the same time if you want to have the attention. Thanks bridget, always helpful.