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Bridget Willard
Bridget giving a keynote at Seattle with the organizers sitting like it's a a panel for some reason.

You built a great product or service. Do you have the traction and exposure it deserves?

How can I help your business show its best side on social media?


"Bridget has been doing EXCELLENT work with me consulting for SMB's in the Los Angeles area. We currently work together on both content creation for new websites, as well as social media marketing. All deadlines have been met with time to spare. Every month we see gains in all Social Media platforms she manages for out clients.I highly recommend working with Bridget!" Roy Sivan, ARC CTRL 

"Bridget has a knack for representing brands on social media. Our team needed to build our social audience, identify key influencers, and craft better social posts, so we contracted Bridget to help. She's delivered, and she goes the extra mile to make sure she's doing right by our team and our customers. I recommend Bridget for anyone looking to give they're social media presence a shot in the arm." Jeff Mulholland, COO Pressable 

"I hired Bridget for a project for one of my clients. She has been incredibly accessible and responsive and provides excellent service and writing. I will not only hire her again, I also highly recommend Bridget for marketing, social media, and content creation and strategy." Rhonda Wood Negard

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I'm known for unsolicited advice. So, you may pick my brain here.

Bridget Willard

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