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Marketing Is Supposed to be FUN!

You’re the Head of Marketing, or maybe a Marketing Manager. The tasks pile up quickly, don’t they? That sucks the fun right out of your job. We’re in marketing because it’s fun, right? You’re not supposed to do it alone. With transparent pricing, you’re sure to get approval for a vendor like Bridget!

Or maybe you’re a tech startup like most of Bridget’s clients. You’ve got the website and automation down, but social just isn’t working. With X Platform (Twitter) and human-generated blog posts, we’ll get you back on track.

Maybe you’re a small business owner who just needs a bit of guidance. We can help you with one-on-one consultations!

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Human-Generated Content is the first step to

Effective Lead Generation

Powerful, persuasive, and human-generated blog posts are the first step to any good lead-generation strategy. I believe this starts with your website.

Posts on social media should come from the text on your site, worded to be friendly and inviting.

If you are a small business owner who wants to DIY your marketing with just a little bit of help, my paid consultation is the right choice for you.



Marketing Services


You’re a marketing team of one but the tasks are piling up. You cant hire an intern or another staff member. I got you.

I know what it’s like. Let’s work as a team and savor the results.

Consulting & Training


When you have the time, you enjoy participating in the conversation. That’s perfect! Be part of the conversation online. You take pride in your company’s hospitality. Learn the best practices yourself with my free and low-cost resources.

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Don’t Just Take It From Me

“Bridget and I met on Twitter and I thanked my lucky stars for the next four years working closely with her. Bridget is organized, quick-witted, and understands Twitter from a user and a back-end perspective which makes her bulletproof. It began with a single Twitter account and transformed into multiple accounts, new product launches, and copywriting projects, and none of this would have been possible without Bridget. I cannot recommend her highly enough; Bridget is a five-star Yelp review. Full stop.” Tracy Lee

“Bridget is a rock star. Her personality and energy is tough to beat. What I enjoy the most about Bridget is she genuinely cares about people and her clients. She wants them to succeed and has a whole toolbox of solutions to help others achieve goals in marketing, branding, social media, etc. Bridget is someone to connect with and work with because she will make you better. She was a major asset to the North San Antonio Chamber in both our Small Business Council and Ambassador Committee. Highly recommend getting to know her!” Rich Weimart

“Less than one month in, and we’re seeing tremendous results! Major uptick in engagement on Facebook and Twitter. We are also seeing considerably more social referral traffic to our website. Today we received our first contact form fill response directly from Twitter! Am I surprised? Nope. Not one bit. Bridget is a pro. She has a proven system. She knows what she is doing and delivers. I highly recommend!” ~ Butch Ewing 

“Bridget is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. From handling my company’s social media to brainstorming ways to grow our online presence, Bridget has been a huge help. We’ve implemented many of her suggestions and have had a lot of success. Bridget is a key part of our team!” Kyle Clayton-Gore

“Bridget is indeed, a social media guru. She helped our brand develop an organic, deep connection within the WordPress community that has been the foundation we were able to build upon. Her engagement is authentic and meaningful, and her dedication to the brands she represents is reliable.She’ll tell you what she thinks is best regardless if it is what you think you want to hear, she’ll challenge you to think broadly about your vision and goals with social, and she’ll curate storytelling into each component of your content strategy.I highly recommend anyone in the WordPress space that wants to have a digital connection but isn’t sure how, or doesn’t have the time to self-manage, to work with Bridget.” Michelle Keefer

“An hour of talking can make an impact!We booked an hour-long video call with Bridget and it was totally worth it. She was able to quickly define our main problem and fears associated with it. In addition, tips and tactics on where to start and how to move forward were shared during the meeting.Before the meeting, I had small doubts that an hour is even enough to cover the intro part of the problems, but it was very productive.” Raitis Sevelis

More reviews are on LinkedIn.

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Organic Strategy Produces Organic Results

An organic approach to social media gives you
growth and valuable business insights.

Organic social media management requires a human touch. It takes time to develop a relationship, but it’s worth it in the end.

Good social media management builds brand affinity.

Affinity leads to loyalty.

Loyalty leads to sales.

Every day of the week.

Oh and you can find my blog post packs (Launch With Words) here.