25 Things You Spend More Than $25 On – An Argument for Managed WordPress Hosting

Twenty-Five Dollars. $25. In 2018 when this article was first published, That’s all with my former client) . That price is now $45 as of this May 6, 2022 edit. Yet, most people think $25 is expensive. Is it?

Let’s look at other managed WordPress hosting costs updated as of May 6, 2022.

Your website is for your business. Isn’t it worth $25 a month?

The List: 25 Things I spend more than $25 on

I’ve left some of the original list and added a few bonus items. What are you spending $25 a month on?

  1. Cazadores Tequila. At Hennessy’s it’s $9.50 a shot. Two shots plus a tip and tax is about $35.
  2. Pedicure. A plain pedicure at Happy Nails is $22. With a $5 tip that puts the cost at $27.
  3. Starbucks. Every reload on my  Gold Card is $25. I do that at least once a month.
  4. 2 for 1 burgers on Tuesdays. Again. This with a tip is about $35.
  5. A tank of gas. My last tank of gas at Chevron was $39.42.
  6. Monthly massage at White Lotus Day Spa. I’m a member so it’s $75.
  7. Jewelry. The last bracelet I bought was soft leather. $40
  8. Home Decor. I bought some pillows and paintings at Ross for $34.
  9. Office Supplies. Last run to Staples for misc pens and post-it notes was $67.
  10. Pizza. Domino’s large pizza, soda, delivery fee, and tip. $37.
  11. Sunday Brunch. Pierside blueberry pancakes and bottomless mimosas, tax, tip. $42.
  12. Toll Roads. My last statement was $39.
  13. Uber. I lost track of how much I spend monthly but it’s over $100. It’s why I prefer to walk. But when traveling, you have to do what you have to do.
  14. Hair coloring. I pay about $75 a month to not have gray hair.
  15. WiFi on Swiss Air flight. $39. It is admittedly less expensive on other airlines, but I had no problem spending this to get connected.
  16. Keepsake Frames. Print of a photo for my mom. $39.
  17. Monthly Flowers. I just purchased a subscription from Enjoy Flowers for $68.
  18. Airport Parking. The last time I parked at SNA it was $60. (Not everyone has a person who will drop them off and pick them up at the airport.)
  19. Choosing your seat on Swiss. I was glad to pay $55 each way to choose an aisle seat on my international flight to Belgrade.
  20. Vacation. Even though I won a two night stay at an all-inclusive resort, I had no trouble paying $215 for the airfare.
  21. Premium Plugins. and $30 on Better Click to Tweet without any reservation.
  22. Shorts. The last pair of shorts I bought from Old Navy was $22. Tax and shipping put that over.
  23. Advertising. $30 for LinkedIn. More than two $20 boosts on Facebook.
  24. Makeup. My last order was $100.
  25. Donations. I donate $20 to Natured Conservatory and $5 to FreeCodeCamp every month, plus the odd request for someone in need.
  26. Hootsuite is $79 a month and how I run my business.
  27. Fiber Internet: I pay $80/month for AT&T Fiber.
  28. Cat Food & Litter. Easily $40/month.
  29. Therapy: Twice a month at $65 each is $130.
  30. My last meal at Chuy’s was $44.64.

None of these include utilities, rent, cell phones, internet, insurance, taxes, groceries, or car payments. My business costs about $1500 to run for recurring services, health insurance, and vendors. That doesn’t even include my salary.

So, is $30 – $50 a month too much to spend on your business website? If the answer is no, then re-evaluate your business.

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Your Time is Worth Money

It doesn’t matter to me which host you choose, but pick managed hosting. The race to the bottom is real. Get good service. Invest in your own business by investing in your website.

This also means blogging on a regular basis but that’s another post.

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  1. $25 isn’t a huge money when your website makes $2000 per month. But why people always think it as huge money when they spend more than $25 on other cool things….

    They want hosting service as free as facebook?