Marketing for WordPress Developers: Are you taking on new clients?

Client work is great. But how do your Twitter followers, let alone your friends, know if you’re taking on new clients and projects. And if so, which ones?

You do refer and take referrals, right?

What is Marketing?

Marketing is basic communication of your goods and services. Simple enough, right? So why do so many WordPress developers fail to tell their potential customers that they are available?
There could be many reasons, but let’s start with a simple, actionable goal.

Audit your website and Twitter bio.

Audit Your Website

You may need a third party on this one. Don’t look at the code or the design. Instead, look to see where a potential customer would know the following:

  1. Are you accepting new work?
  2. What kind of work do you specialize in?
  3. How does someone contact you?

You could go further with:

  1. Do you have a portfolio?
  2. Do you have recommendations?
  3. Do you list your clients?

But that is way extra credit.

Your services page should be clear in the main navigation and not buried. This is for potential customers and for your friends who are looking to refer you. If your friends are like me, they check your website first.

Audit Your Twitter Bio

What does your Twitter bio say? Does it say you’re a “WordPress Developer.” That’s awesome. Your peers know who you are. But does the general public. I’m going to say a hard “no.”

If you build websites, and taking on work, I’d strongly suggest that your Twitter bio says “I build websites” in some form.

Here are a couple of quick Google Search Screenshots that should help convince you.

Notice that it says “web designer” or “website” in most of the suggestions. Also, the “People also ask” section is a good source of headlines for future blog posts like, “How Much Does It Cost To Hire Someone to Build A Website?”

Oh, and please put a link to your website on your Twitter.

More questions?

I’d love to help you. And, yes, I am taking on marketing consulting clients.

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