Marketing Isn’t About Tools – It’s About Psychology

Marketing tools are simply that — tools. When you overly rely upon automation to replace human connection you will always fail, regardless of how slick the tool is.

Marketing is about relationships. Relationships take time. No CRM or auto dialer will change that for you.

A brand needs to be relatable. As your customer base relates, they develop affinity to the brand. Affinity leads to loyalty. Loyalty leads to sales.

Social Media 101 for Small Business

Your small business has a website. Great. Now what? Use social media and be human to create online relationships the way you would in person.

Once you have a great website for your business, or a client’s business, it’s time to get it out there. No longer is the Internet a Field of Dreams where people just show up. Using Social Media can help grow your brand awareness and show customers how engaged with them you are.

I had the distinct opportunity to be part of Beginner Day at WordCamp Los Angeles again in 2018 to help small businesses maximize the use of their time on social media. It’s only 24 minutes long.

Watch the Video

Do you have questions?

Just as I did in the video, if you leave a comment here with a question, I’ll be happy to give you specific advice.

Don’t let vanity stop you from posting video. Period.

This is what I tell my clients. Don’t let vanity stop you from posting video. Do something. Don’t wait for perfect. It doesn’t exist.


But the lighting is bad. But my hair looks terrible. But I don’t know what to say. No buts.

Do you know how many videos I’ve posted that look super lame? Ones that I wanted to delete?

Case In Point

A couple weeks ago, after a coaching call with a client, I followed my own advice and created a video on Photobooth and posted to LinkedIn.

To date, it’s had 39 likes, 27 comments, and 1,372 views. That’s a whole lot more people than ever listen to any of my WordCamp talks. (Note: max time for LinkedIn video is 10 minutes.)

What about my target audience you ask?

Of those views, 76 were software developers (my audience), 72 founder (my audience), 61 CEOs (my audience), and 47 business owners (my audience). That’s 256 people who are my target audience watching a video (18%).

LinkedIn Video Stats
LinkedIn Video Stats

So? What are you waiting for?

If you have a smart phone, you can create video. Many mobile apps allow you to record and upload natively. That’s even better.

Start with the questions your customers always ask. Aim for 2 minutes or less. Record. Publish.

You’re welcome.