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The Best SEO Advice for Nonprofits — #NPChat Recap 4/19/17

What’s the best SEO advice for nonprofits? Do nonprofits even need SEO? Yes. Nonprofits should care about SEO. Essentially online donations are e-commerce, so best practices apply to nonprofits. Why should Nonprofits Care about SEO? Donation sites are e-commerce. They…

wcoc 2015 blogging recap

Blogging Track Recap for WordCamp Orange County 2015

Are you looking to change your blogging lifestyle or just how to optimize your images? Here’s my recap of the 2015 Blogging Track at WordCamp Orange County.

Blogging TRACK!

It’s so nice to attend classes at WordCamp that help bloggers. Not all of us are developers and I was overjoyed to see so many great classes that totally apply to bloggers.

Well, there wasn’t a blogging track per se, but there were several classes I attended that every blogger should take: Google Analytics, SEO, Optimizing Images, and Beefing up Your Blogging Habits (well, it had another title).

This is the first time that I’m recapping four sessions in one blog post but they go together. Forgive me if it seems disjointed.

As the talks become available, I will add links.

Some mentioned plugins that can help you along, and others were lifestyle changes.

Here are the highlights.

Google Analytics for Website Owners by Mike Hansen

Sidenote: Carol and I had a great “hallway chat” with Mike about some of these topics. Personally, I’m hoping he blogs about them more often.


  • “Analytics can be intimidating.”
  • “A metric measures something and a dimension describes it.”
  • “If you change something from today, [the stats] will be from today forward.”
  • “Everything in analytics is about making your website better.”
  • Attach a monetary value to your Google Analytic goals for conversions to work.
  • “Google analytics isn’t an accounting software.”
  • “The Administration Screen is powerful.”
  • “Email the report to yourself once a week.”