Why San Antonio Businesses Should Bother With The X Platform (Twitter)

While talking with a friend a few months back, raving about my research into how many people might be using Twitter here in Alamo City she said,

“But Bridget, why would any San Antonio Business bother with Twitter?” 

To that, I replied, “How much time do you have?” (I have a tendency to launch into TEDTalks.)

She wasn’t questioning my reasoning – she believes in the power of Twiter for small businesses. After all, that is precisely how we met back in 2015. As a former resident of San Antonio, she says, “San Antonio is the biggest small town you’ll ever know. Everything here is a handshake and who you know.” 

To me, that reinforces why a small business in San Antonio should use Twitter. Either, you’re part of that “it’s who you know” club and you can use Twitter to amplify the word-of-mouth you already have, or you’re new to San Antonio and you need to stand out to even be competitive.

“Twitter offers a different model however to YouTube and Facebook but it still has enormous potential to support a thriving and innovative ecosystem of users, business and media outlets and to enable them to engage in discussion on topics relevant and important to them.” (Curran et al) (1)

How Many People Move to San Antonio Every Year?

As of March 1, 2020, Census data reports that 1,434,625 people live in San Antonio. It’s the 7th largest city in the US. Yes. We are in the top 10 and that’s part of the reason why I moved here and started by LLC here (I was previously freelancing). I wanted to live in a city, not a suburb, and enjoy my quiet, walkable Southtown Life for the rest of my days. (Yep, I even got a Texas tattoo!) 

Greater San Antonio is a region of choice. Military, blue collar, white collar, hikers, bikers, students, foodies, animal lovers, tech-heads — people from all walks — love living here.” greater:SATX

Whether people grew up here in Texas or were based here during their Military career, people love San Antonio and even move here from other counties in Texas. According to a 2020 KENS5 article, 66 people move to San Antonio every day. That means that approximately 24,000 people move to San Antonio every year. That’s a lot of people! We’re projected to add another million to our population by 2040.

“The San Antonio area is now home to more than 1.5 million people and the city’s population is projected to add 1 million more by 2040.” TPR

How Many Businesses are in San Antonio?

There are 117,546 businesses in San Antonio, and 44,295 of those are women-owned according to Census data. (You go, girl!) That tells us that about 8% of the population owns a business here in San Antonio. 

So, if 8% of the population are business owners, and 24,000 people move here every year, it’s reasonable to say about 1,920 new businesses are coming to San Antonio every year. When you count the surrounding area, it could be much higher. According to greater:SATX’s Q3 2021 report for Bexar County (pronounced “bear”), 34% of the businesses here have 1-4 employees. Thirty-four percent! WOW!

San Antonio and Bexar County are home to approximately 34,000 small businesses and approximately 145,000 sole proprietorships. These small businesses and sole proprietors account for 34% of the local workforce.“ COSA

How will you compete when you’re the new business in Alamo City? 

Will you rely upon word-of-mouth, Meetups, Billboards, or Instagram to build your business in San Antonio? Those are all fine. And, of course, you should join the Chamber of Commerce. We have 4-6 chambers of commerce here in San Antonio. I’m part of the North SA Chamber along with Rhonda Negard of Fat Dog Creatives – another San Antonio business that relocated here. 

But when you consider the time and effort needed to grow your brand awareness, Twitter is the best tool for small business owners – hands down. Well, right next to your website. (You have a website, right?)

My real estate client in Phoenix had doubts about shifting our marketing budget from Facebook to Twitter – until he saw the numbers. By the way, I wrote a case study about that. Would you like 600 people to see your Facebook post or 4,000 people to see your tweet?

To me the answer is clear.

Do People in San Antonio Even Tweet?

Yes, people in San Antonio tweet. Ever seen the news here? The anchors have Twitter accounts, they even show screenshots of tweets on the news. Even Spurs Coyote tweets. Rhonda Negard uses Twitter because of emergencies as well. Admittedly, she is my friend and a Twitter convert.

During the freeze of 2021, I was live Tweeting about the boil water notice (I was watching the meeting on Facebook). She heard about it from me a good hour before SAWS tweeted. 

Back on Topic – Do People Tweet in San Antonio?

Yes, people in San Antonio tweet. Have I said that enough yet? In my article, “How Many People Tweet in San Antonio,” I came up with these answers. 

  • Approximately 255,296 adults in San Antonio use Twitter.
  • Approximately 329,264 adults in Bexar County use Twitter.
  • Approximately 383,538 adults in the Tri-County area use Twitter.

According to HubSpot, the average Twitter user follows five businesses. That seems low to me, but let’s accept that number as truth. Why shouldn’t your business be one of those five? Why would you deny yourself the opportunity to engage with a quarter of a million people who follow brands on Twitter?

“Twitter is an undeniably powerful platform to increase your business’s online reach. The average Twitter user follows five businesses, and 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet.” HubSpot 

Okay, fine, Bridget. I get it. How will anyone even notice me?

How Do You Cut Through the Noise and Get Noticed in San Antonio?

The best way to cut through the noise on Twitter and get noticed in San Antonio is to do three things:

  1. Create Twitter lists and engage with those people.
  2. Follow and use hashtags like #SATX, #AlamoCity, #SouthtownSATX, etc.
  3. Reply to Tweets. The Retweet Button is lazy. I said what I said.

I have a simple 3-2-1 plan for Twitter.

Every day log into Twitter during the morning.

  • Follow 3 new people (and list them).
  • Reply to 2 tweets.
  • Write 1 original tweet.

If you want to level up, do that after lunch, too. You should be able to do this consistently in 15 to 20 minutes each day. You get faster at it. Believe me. You will. Then you’ll write me a letter telling me how much it changed your life. Or you’ll send a tweet. Or write a LinkedIn Recommendation. 

“Bridget’s Twitter coaching has been transformational.

I used to use Facebook exclusively and avoided Twitter at all costs. After a single session with Bridget, I understood exactly how to wrangle Twitter and make it work for my business.

Now Twitter is a key part of my social media marketing. I’m building relationships and growing my online visibility. I even, I dare say, prefer it to Facebook somedays!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get more out of your existing social media presence, reach out to Bridget. She is a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.” Jocelyn Mozak

The only way Bridget Willard, LLC can compete as a marketing agency in the 7th largest city in America is because of Twitter and the relationships I built with people before I moved here and since I moved here.

“Twitter provides a platform for businesses to see what customers really feel about their own brand and also their competitors and in near real time. In addition to this Twitter allows businesses to connect directly in near real time with customers, which gives them the opportunity to build and enhance customer relationships. More businesses are using Twitter as a research, marketing and customer support tool.” (Curran et al) (1)

Are You Ready to Learn Twiter for Your Business, San Antonio?

If you’re ready to learn (or re-learn) Twitter, I have a free course, right here on my website that goes step-by-step. It will not only show you how to use Twitter but the WHY behind the HOW – which is often not taught. 

Once you’re finished with that, you may appreciate my short book, “The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing (I Double Dog Dare You To Try It)” available on Amazon. 

Once you start using Twitter, follow me. I would love to get to know you.

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