How I Work — My Twitter Management Process

I decided to write a bit more about my processes here at Bridget Willard, LLC. I started as a freelancer back in 2017, and now that I have vendors and an LLC, I’m a marketing agency. But I still do the work — one of my mottos. In the last article of this series, I talked about my SEO copywriting services.

Maybe you heard through the grapevine that Bridget Willard manages Twitter accounts for brands. It’s true. I shed light on my process in this article.

With all of my being, I believe Twitter to be the best social media platform for driving traffic to your website. I wrote The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing which is available as a blog post or a book. I also offer a free course if you want to learn to do it better yourself.

Do You Discount Your Twitter Packages?

Aside from businesses in San Antonio, TX getting 20% off automatically, I do not discount my Twitter packages. They’re already competitively priced. 

Do You Have a Pitch Deck for your Twitter Management?

The answer, for now, is no. I do have a video though — made a while back while I was blonde and heavier and a Californian.

Do You Promise Results from Twitter Management?

Since each client has different marketing budgets and business goals, it’s a challenge to promise results. With that said, my hope is that after three months of the Twitter Pro Plan, there is a 10% lift to website traffic. Together, we can work to promote the right things to the right audience to support your business goals. 

How Do You Feel About Emjoi?

It’s controversial but I don’t believe in using emoji as a replacement for a word. Emoji present accessibility issues for low-vision folks as well as aged eyes since they don’t enlarge. Sadly, there are too many tweets with emoji as bullet points. Emoji are great for decoration. GIFs are better for many reasons — one of which is that it adds to the length of the tweet. 

How Do You Feel About Hashtags?

Most people think hashtags are more powerful than they are. What they’re good for is discovery. So you’ll want to use keyword-like words. Think about general categories. They’re also good for threading conversations like for a Twitter chat.

Do You Take Competing Products?

While I manage your Twitter marketing, I don’t take on competing products.

What Is the Turnaround Time for Curation?

I’d rather underpromise and over-deliver. Let’s say seven working days.

How Is the Client Twitter Calendar Built?

Both Pro and Basic Plans include the editorial calendar on Google Sheets. Every third tweet goes to your website, so I defer to the copy written on the blog, landing page, or YouTube descriptions and reviews.

The other two tweets are curated based upon topics adjacent to your business. For example, if your customer base is in Insurance, that will be one of the topics. The third topic across all of my clients is the professional development category. This includes tweets from accounts like Harvard Business Review on leadership, technology, and remote work.

Do You Write All of the Tweets?

Yes. I write all of the tweets. The two tweets that come from other accounts are generally RT-style retweets. When writing tweets that lead to your website, I defer to the copy there. Meaning, I find a quote from the words on your website and copy/passte with a link and hashtags. I may slightly edit to create a call to action.

It’s important that my clients understand they have me personally working on their accounts. When you hire me you get me; you don’t get an intern and you don’t get automation. 

I use Hootsuite to schedule your tweets and Twitter’s iOS app for monitoring. So I will need access to your account.

How Many Hours Do You Work On My Twitter Account?

I don’t charge by the hour because that would be cost-prohibitive. Since I am managing many accounts, I curate at the same time. In my job costing efforts, I know that I spend about two hours a day on each account. Social media isn’t a 9-5 job so I check notifications during my waking hours of 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM Central (Texas) Time. 

What About Twitter Management Reporting?

All Twitter clients get basic reporting. It’s a Google Sheet with basic stats that come from Twitter’s internal analytics. I share insights in real-time in Slack/Email/WhatsApp/Discord (however we communicate). This style works best since I’m brought on as another member of the marketing team. Your Marketing Manager will likely put together better-looking reports. 

What Does Client Onboarding Look Like?

Once we’ve agreed to bring you on as a Twitter Management client for the Twitter Pro or Basic Package, I’ll send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I’ll begin building the Twitter Editorial Calendar. Twitter Lite clients don’t have an editorial calendar. It’s entirely organic.

This editorial calendar is in a Google Sheet and each month will be a new tab. One of the benefits of this process is that the Google Sheet provides a history of social posts (aside from organic, in-the-moment Tweets) should you need them for your compliance department.

The editorial calendar is built in two parts. The first is the first 15 days of the month and the second half is for the balance of the month. As soon as the editorial calendar is finished, and email it to you for review and /or approval. This is generally turned into the client a few days before they should be scheduled. 

My Twitter Management Onboarding Process

  • Sales Call
  • Invoice
  • First Half of the Editorial Calendar
  • Approval of Tweets
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Second Half of the Editorial Calendar
  • Approval of Tweets
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Invoice 7 days before the end of the month for the next month.

Are You Accepting Twitter Management Clients?

I will always chat with a prospective client to see if we’re a match. In my free 20 min sales call we can talk about your goals and budget. I have time to work on your business, do you?

“I’ve learned so much having Bridget manage my Twitter account. I was kicking and screaming about hating Twitter for years. Why was I so resistant? I wish I had paid more attention earlier in our working relationship so I could have be so much further ahead. There’s real value in her work, and the greatest value is what she teaches you and me to do with our accounts while she’s doing all the real ‘work’ in them.” Rhonda Negard