About Page: Hire a Copywriter

It’s pretty tricky to write an about page. It’s hard to write this yourself. Either we’re too clinical or too coded. It’s even weirder if we have inside jokes in our online bios. Let’s fix that.

How did I start writing About Page bios?

It may seem weird that I do copywriting for web pages. But, in social media, you’re constantly copywriting. It’s published as a post or a tweet.

After seeing so many people tweet about hating to write their own speaker bios, I came up with my secret menu. By the way, it’s always good to experiment with your pricing.

It was a bit controversial, actually, and there are some tweets about it floating around the Internet, but I kept doing it.

Why do you need a special bio for your speaking submissions?

The purpose of a speaker bio is to humanize yourself so that people will want to attend your talk. After they attend your talk, you it may encourage them to possibly do business with you.

And so I started writing and writing. It was fun for me and gave me a good break.

Seeing that I was writing these bios for a fair price point, Sarah Pressler asked me to write the About Page bios for her and Cindy at Codebrain Media. I was happy to do so. It’s so much easier to write about someone else than yourself.

The reviews are in! People loved it. I decided this should be a permanent part of my secret menu and haven written over forty to date. (Though the pricing fluctuates from $50 to $25 each.)


Why is writing About Page bios important?

People look us up. Whether it’s for a Meetup page, like Dee Teal referenced in her WCEU talk, or our company page, we need to allow people to get to know us.

“The first port of call when they’re looking you up is your about page.” Dee Teal WCEU 2016

It’s difficult to write our own about page bio. We don’t like writing about ourselves. We either add in too much technical detail and it ends up reading like a resume or we downplay ourselves. Even worse, is when we add in inside jokes or too much jargon.

Website and Speaker Bios are Ghost Written

Sometimes I’m asked for proof of my work. I often refer them to the Codebrain Media About Page. Writing bios and editing talk pitches fall under ghost writing. The whole point of ghost writing is to help a person enhance themselves. Naturally, it is a secret.

If you’d like a bit of help with your website copy, Twitter bio, or speaker bio, feel free to reach out.