What’s The Best WordPress Form Plugin?

What’s the best form plugin for WordPress? Like all complex questions the answer is: “it depends.” How about if I tell you what WordPress form I use and why instead?

What’s the Best Form Plugin for WordPress?

The best form plugin for WordPress is the one you use. Yes. I have a saying, “the best tool is the one you use.” 

People get so hung up over what the best thing is that they end up using no thing. No, that’s not a typo. I literally mean they use no thing. 

If you’re not going to use a form, then the question about what the best WordPress form plugin is moot. 

Also, it does depend. What are you going to use the form to do? Do you need a lot of advanced features? Most of the WordPress plugins have similar features. If you go by most popular, you’ll get results that show you the ones who have been around the longest; that doesn’t mean they’re the best.

Like most consumers, I made my buying decision because of loyalty. 

I always say affinity leads to loyalty. Loyalty leads to sales. 

Caldera Forms — The WordPress Form Plugin I Use

The WordPress form plugin I use is Caldera Forms. Why? Because Josh Pollock is my friend. Yes. It’s that simple. I first came across him from The WP Crowd in 2015.

I was super excited to meet Josh at WordCamp San Diego in 2016. He’s so amazing and humble. That’s rare. 

Both Josh Pollock and James Laws were on The Smart Marketing Show back when it was called WPblab (and we had a theme song).

Seriously, though. This video has over 600 views for a reason. If you’re not familiar with marketing strategy behind forms, watch this video.

When I started creating landing pages in 2017, suddenly I needed a contact form that did more than send me an email. Back in 2016, when that video was made, I didn’t have a contact form.

“I have a job, I don’t need a contact form. They can find me on social media.” Bridget Willard

But then, I went all-in on my freelance business. So, all of a sudden, a contact form became important. 

As a fun aside, Caldera Forms is now part of the Saturday Drive family including Ninja Forms, who is one of my favorite clients.

Do You Need a Contact Form?

If you have a landing page, you need a contact form. If you have a mailing list, you need a contact form. If you have a sales page, you need a contact form. 

I have a different contact form for every single landing page that I have. Why? This is important so that you can control what goes where. 

For example, I have a contact form on my pricing page that has checkboxes for the services. The email that goes to the visitor is specific to that page. After form submission they’re directed to a specific thank you page. On that page, there’s a video about Twitter. 

One of my recent clients said that the specific landing page with the video sealed the deal for him. Every point of contact matters. 

I currently have three automated drip campaigns that Amy Hall has set up for me in Mailchimp. So, I purchased the Mailchimp add-on for Caldera. It’s only $29 for some reason. It could be $79 and I still would have purchased it. 

I have one email marketing drip for social media tips, one is for the new book about marketing plugins, and the other one is for the plugin I’m working on with Ron Huereca

What Contact Form Should You Use?

The contact form you should use is the one you want to use. The best WordPress contact form is the one that is easiest for you. With that said, I hear a lot of heartache with Contact Form 7. People love Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms (of course), and WPForms

Pick one. Make your landing pages, specific thank you pages, and drips. Get your marketing into gear.