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Your clients want to blog. But they don't know what to write.

Let's solve that problem together.

You build the site. Launch With Words will help them with their blog.

Wouldn't it be awesome to launch a website for your small business client with a year's worth of blog post prompts?

This free WordPress plugin helps your small business create content. This content marketing strategy is based on Bridget Willard's ebook, "If You Don't Mind Your Business, Who Will?"

No crazy GUI. Nothing complicated. Democratize Content Creation.


"Very cool, Bridget. Sounds like a great addition for a small business." @MikeCampbellMe on Instagram

What is Launch With Words?

Launch With Words is a new WordPress plugin that combines the experience of a small business writer with blogging prompts to encourage you to publish once a month.

Follow the prompts.



When Will the Free Plugin Be Available?

You Can Download it Now

You can purchase the free download right now! This download page includes the latest version from GitHub of the importer as well as the prompts json file and the PDF Welcome letter.

WordPress Plugin Directory

The plugin has been submitted to the WordPress Plugin Directory January 24, 2021.

You still need the json import file from me on my site.

Wait. This is a WordPress Plugin?

Yep. It sure is.

It's compatible with WordPress 5.0+. Gutenberg all the way.

Will it work on 4.9 and below? Not sure. Maybe. Try it out and tell us.

Ha ha! Just kidding. No I'm not.

It's basically a json import. So you should be good.

How Does It Work?

  • Install the Plugin
  • Activate it
  • 12 Draft Blog Posts are Installed
  • Follow the prompts to help you write
  • Follow the checklist
  • Publish
  • Share on social!
  • Easy right?

Premium Content Packs Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

  • Roofing Contractor
  • General Contractor
  • Real Estate Professional
  • HVAC Contractor
  • Web Developer
  • And more!

Premium content packs are coming soon. The launch price will be $497 for 12 fully-written blog posts!

You'd normally pay $1200 - $2400 for twelve blog posts.

Can you imagine handing over a site to a client -- with content?

You can even set the posts to publish once a month.

Worried about duplicate content? Feel free to tweak the posts.

Localize the copy. Change the call to action.

It's your content!

Are you on the mailing list?

Want to see the tutorial your clients will watch? Sign up.

Want to request content packs? Sign up.

Want to know when the first ones are out? Sign up.

Basically, sign up.

There is no plugin that does this.

This is not a boring RSS feed.

You're going to love it.

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Launch With Words - FAQs

What determines the prompts that get added?

All twelve blog prompts are imported at once. They are all set as drafts and are named after the month. "January Draft Blog Post," and so on.

What about premium content and duplication issues with Google?

The bigger problem for small business owners than "duplicate content," is "no content." They need things to share on social. The premium content packs give them at least twelve fully-written blog posts.

The franchise industry is full of duplicate (and dull) duplicate content. Since the content isn't coming from a RSS feed or syndicate, each small business can tweak the blog posts and localize the copy.

This plugin is what happens when a copywriter and a developer partner up. Built by Media Ron, LLC and Bridget Willard, LLC.