“Email Copies Don’t Generate Results.” – A Rare Fact About Writing A Great Email Copy

Email copy has been one of the most effective digital marketing strategies and is proven to generate results. Here’s how to write a converting email copy.

Months ago, a friend reached out to me complaining about how her sales email had zero conversion. (She’s a health and fitness coach). 

She lamented saying, “email copies don’t generate results.” I asked for the email copy she sent, and I grimaced while reading the entire email. At some point, I had to stop reading and shook my head in disappointment. 

Mind you, she had spent quite some bucks to create her email list. 

The marketing email she wrote was entirely salesy and offered no value to her audience. She only talked about her certificates and her fitness program. There was no place where she tried to address her audience’s challenges. She didn’t even explain how her program can help them. 

Many individuals do the same thing. Just write about yourself and your product/service, and don’t give a hell about the challenges your audience face, and expect results. 

Writing Great Email Copy

A vital thing to do when writing a marketing copy is to relate to your audience’s challenges. Get yourself into their shoes and show empathy. Below is a paragraph from the email she wrote and an improved version I wrote.


“My fitness program is one of the best you can enroll for. When you buy my fitness program, you can get a lot from it. You can get into shape and have the type of body you desire when you go through my fitness program.”


“You want to have a great shape and stay fit, but factors such as procrastination and late-night meals keep holding you back. I have been there before but overcame the process. This fitness program helps you to easily overcome those factors holding you back and help you stay fit.”

In the improved version, you notice how I was able to relate with the audience. I clearly stated the major challenges people face when trying to stay fit and made the reader understand that I have been there before as well. The original paragraph only bores the reader because it just talks about her and her program and little about the audience. No one likes “me, me, me.” Marketing copy is about “you, you, you.”

The improved email gets the audience interested and makes them want to know what’s next. While the original one makes it obvious that she just wanted to close a sale, so most readers won’t bother to read further.

Personalize and Get Personal in Email Marketing

A lot of brands fail to personalize their email copy. They just write and fill the email with boring details about their product/service. According to Campaign Monitor, personalized email subject lines generate an average of 50% higher open rates while marketers experience a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.

Using the right words such as “you” instead of “our” and “I,” is a simple way to get personal in your email. The idea is to not bore your recipient and make the email to be all about you and your service.

People love brands that know exactly what they’re going through and relate to their challenges. Dо you have a salesy copy that isn’t getting you results? Delete it right away!

Email marketing still generates tons of results. Just do it right. 

About The Author: Hillary Nwoye

A prolific Copywriter and Content strategist with over 5 years of experience. Helping SMEs and brands engage with their audience and yield results is all I dо. 

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Editorial Note:

This guest post was inspired by this tweet thread. Thank you so much for being willing to write this thread as an article, Hillary!