Group Social Media Training

Group Training for Social Media Management


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You know your business but social media confuses you. Let’s fix that.

With group training, I can come to your location or we can have virtual training over Zoom.

Wouldn’t it be better to get actual advice to your team instead of generic platitudes?

  • You host the event.
  • $35 per student with a minimum of six students.
  • One Platform.
  • One Hour.

You’re not alone in your frustration with social media. Remember, no one knows your business like you. You know your business; let’s conquer the tech.


You host the event in your offices, conference rooms, or banquet area.


$35/studentMinimum 6 students


Typically 1 hr.

Choose 1 Platform


I can train you to use Twitter to promote yourself, build relationships, and, of course, bring in leads.


LinkedIn is a great place to blog about your services and connect with your peers.


Facebook is too big to ignore. Let’s use a business page to gain insights into your audience and spend some ad dollars.


Instagram is a great way to show your company culture and reveal more of who you are as a person and a brand.

I love empowering small businesses so they succeed online.

Meet the Trainer

Bridget Willard, experienced Instructor

At her core, Bridget Willard is a teacher. She’s been teaching in groups and with individuals since 1997. As a marketing consultant, her passion is to empower small businesses to use their voice.

Learn more about Bridget….

She has presented and trained in the following industries:

Construction & Engineering

Franchise Development





Life Coaching


Event Planning

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Familiar. Approachable. Satisfying.

Training Client

“We worked with three agencies before. All of their advice was hollow and general. Lists are the secret sauce to getting people’s attention. Definitely feeling confident.”

Katie Rexrode, Director of Marketing & Communications at WIN Home Inspection

“I worked closely with Bridget for about a year while she was at Thought House. Working with franchisees can be particularly challenging because the range of online marketing knowledge is often quite significant. Bridget took her role as a consultant and advisor very seriously and helped to host monthly webinars geared toward our business owners. She is an excellent trainer and communicator, and did a fine job of never making anyone feel overwhelmed.”

Jacqueline Treftz, Communications and Marketing Specialist at Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

“Bridget has been a mentor to me, and much of my success as a social media manager at Cincinnati Youth Collaborative can be attributed to her investment in my professional development. Bridget is an expert on best practices concerning Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the time that I’ve known Bridget, I have seen CYC’s following increase dramatically. During fiscal 2017 I was able to grow CYC’s Facebook following by 46%, and reach by 75%. Bridget’s guidance has been nothing short of transformative for CYC’s online presence.”