At her core, Bridget Willard is a teacher. She writes blog posts and books to teach. If you haven’t picked up one of these books, give them a try.

How to Market Your Plugin

This book was released on Amazon in March of 2021. It is a guide for those who build plugins in the WordPress ecosystem. Since Bridget Willard has uniquely positioned herself as a marketer of WordPress plugins since 2015, she’s the perfect person to write this book.

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need For Your Small Business (co-authored with Warren Laine-Naida)

This book, released March 2021, equips and empowers small business owners to think of online marketing as a whole instead of picking up pieces of it here and there.

Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing

Released in December 2020, Bridget teaches you how to use Twitter in a way that creates relationships and elevates your brand awareness as well as drives traffic to your website. This book isn’t full of fluff. It’s written by a practitioner who earns her living by managing Twitter accounts, not just amassing followers for vanity.

Keys to Being Social

Keys to Being Social is Bridget Willard’s life’s work. Released in October of 2020, this book goes beyond just the specifics on how to use social media platforms to the depth of human behavior. Tech may evolve and change but human behavior is the same.

Dysfunctional Love Songs

This book, released in April of 2020, is a self-help book mixed with humor and affirmations. It’s conversational in nature and based upon song lyrics we love to sing but have messages that aren’t in our best interest.