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Social Media Management

That Works for Every Budget

If everyone is your client,
no one is.

We know this. I specialize in B2B relationships in the WordPress ecosystem.

My mission is to empower you -- the small business and WordPress agency -- to find your voice, to use your power, and to elevate your brand.

Social Media Done Right

As a small business owner you do enough in a work day. Right? Why not outsource your social media to someone you can trust with your brand?

Any time is a good time to freshen up your social media skills, get a Twitter audit, or even hire me to manage your social media for you. After all, you have better things to do like run your business.

My terms are simple: prepaid for full or partial months - no refunds.

I don't require long-term contracts. It's your business. You decide. Month on month off? Fine. Scale up? Fine. Scale down? Fine. It's your business. You choose.

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My Commitment To You

My commitment to you is that I don't take competing products.

When you hire me you get me -- and my network.

You don't get an intern and you don't get automation. I hand curate your content based upon my relationships with people in the community and my network. I extend my network to your brand.

I spend time in the home feed. I adhere to best practices.

What Will It Cost To Hire Bridget?


Twitter Management

How Will I Manage Your Twitter Account?

Twitter is the Best B2B Tool

Twitter Pro

$1200 Per Month
  • This plan is good for growing WordPress agencies who publish articles once a week. (You don't plan on tweeting at all.)
  • Agency Price: $2,000 +
  • I create a spreadsheet with 3 posts per business day -- one tweet per day goes to your website.
  • I send it to you for approval in two sections per month.
  • This plan includes engagement and replies, list building, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight, and basic reporting.
  • Prepaid monthly. No Refunds.

Twitter Basic

$675 Per Month
  • This plan is good for WordPress agencies who publish articles once a month and also plan on tweeting. (Team effort for best results.)
  • Agency Price: Not offered!
  • I create a spreadsheet with 1 post per business day -- one tweet per day goes to your website.
  • I send it to you for approval in two sections per month.
  • This plan includes engagement and replies, list building, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight, and basic reporting.
  • Prepaid monthly. No Refunds.

Twitter Lite

$300 Month
  • This plan is good for new plugins or agencies who just need some help.
  • Agency Price: Not Offered
  • It's priced low because I want to help you grow.
  • Average of 15 posts per month, list maintenance, follower and following maintenance, relevant insight and basic reporting. Not subject to promotional discounts. Prepaid monthly.

Twitter Audit

$125 Each
  • I will study your Twitter account and deliver a written report with actionable suggestions.

Social Media Management

Facebook Basic

$350 Month
  • 1-2 posts a week with photos and captions provided by the client and/or blog posts.
  • Following and engaging with relevant Facebook Pages to gain exposure outside of client's current following.
  • Also includes engagement (replies) on client posts.
  • Terms: Prepaid Monthly, full or partial months.
  • No Refunds.

LinkedIn Lite

$225 Month
  • Weekly posts with engagement (replies, etc) on client topics and/or with content from client.
  • Terms: Prepaid Monthly.
  • No Refunds.

Let's Sort Out Your Content

Original Blog Post

$200 Each
  • Custom 300-500 word post for your blog from your headline or topic.
  • Written with organic SEO in mind.
  • Written to be sharable on social media.
  • Recommended 1200 x 628 Featured Image Not Included
  • Terms: Prepaid. No refunds. Not subject to promotional discounts.
  • Delivery: Google Doc

Edit / Rewrite

$65 Each Page
  • For this crazy low price, I will edit your landing page, home page, about page, or unfinished blog post. Get those draft blog posts published. Price PER url. Editing for flow and grammar. Prepaid. No refunds.

Marketing One On One

Marketing Consult

$175 Hour
  • Sometimes it helps to have a third party get you un-stuck. My consultation is conversational in style. We can chat over the phone or video. Prepaid for one hour or any portion thereof.

I have time to work on your business. Do you?

If other, what service?

Social Media Management Reviews

"We hired Bridget to help us handle our social media presence. Not only has she single-handedly managed, and handled that task, she has also helped educate me on Twitter social media strategies for my personal account." Alex Standiford, Design Frame Solutions

"We’ve worked with Bridget as a trusted vendor for managing critical social media accounts. She does great work and we get great results at a fair price. Highly recommended." C. Scott Mann, Hiforge

"Bridget is the best social media manager my company has ever hired. Our business has seen a significant increase in engagement since she began managing our page. Bridget advised us to make more videos of our listings and clients. Easy and actionable advice. We have done that and seen the results. She knows what she’s doing. The best." Kyle Clayton Gore


"Bridget is indeed, a social media guru. She helped our brand develop an organic, deep connection within the WordPress community that has been the foundation we were able to build upon. Her engagement is authentic and meaningful, and her dedication to the brands she represents is reliable.

She'll tell you what she thinks is best regardless if it is what you think you want to hear, she'll challenge you to think broadly about your vision and goals with social, and she'll curate storytelling into each component of your content strategy.

I highly recommend anyone in the WordPress space that wants to have a digital connection but isn't sure how, or doesn't have the time to self manage, to work with Bridget." Michelle Keefer

"I am so glad I asked Bridget to help me with content rewriting for my website. All she needed to know was who my ideal client was and she took it from there. Bridget was able to rewrite my copy so that it spoke to the needs of my clients and told them exactly how I could help them. She was very professional to work with. I will be using Bridget's services again, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my clients." Larry James

"I've hired Bridget several times to update copy and manage my business Twitter account. She always does a thorough job and is an expert at what she does. I would highly recommend Bridget as she is a joy to work with." Ronald Huereca

"Bridget is an invaluable part of my SEO, Content Marketing, and WordPress world. It is obvious Bridget began her Marketing work in the Construction sector - she brings a solid foundation of skills that will help you build your own business both online and offline! Are you not getting the right support from your current agency or freelancers? You will with Bridget. Her motto is right on the mark: Your Voice, Your Power, Your Brand. That says it all." Warren Laine-Naida

"Bridget's Twitter coaching has been transformational. 

I used to use Facebook exclusively and avoided Twitter at all cost. After a single session with Bridget I understood exactly how to wrangle Twitter and make it work for my business. 

Now Twitter is a key part of my social media marketing. I'm building relationships and growing my online visibility. I even, I dare say, prefer it to Facebook somedays!

If you've ever wondered how to get more out of your existing social media presence, reach out to Bridget. She is a wealth of knowledge and practical experience." Jocelyn Mozak

"I hired Bridget for a project for one of my clients. She has been incredibly accessible and responsive and provides excellent service and writing. I will not only hire her again, I also highly recommend Bridget for marketing, social media, and content creation and strategy." Rhonda Negard

Have Questions?

If you email me or Tweet / DM me a question, I’ll do my best to answer.