My Favorite Things

April Wensel encouraged us to write a list of our one hundred favorite things. Okay. I’m in.

Though I couldn’t come up with a full one hundred at the time, I’m updating this until I get to that.

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Here are my favorite things in no particular order:

      1. Hydrangeas
      2. Sweat Peas
      3. Filet Mignon
      4. Butter melting on bread
      5. Ginger ale
      6. Casamigos Tequila
      7. Angels Envy Whiskey
      8. Big Sur
      9. The smell of pine trees in the morning
      10. The way light filters down through trees in the late afternoon
      11. The sun on my face
      12. Salt air filling my lungs
      13. Watching the sunset
      14. Kaymak
      15. Everything Bagels
      16. Candy Kiss Perfume by Prada
      17. Crater Lake
      18. Feeling understood
      19. Singing ballads
      20. Watching jazz live
      21. Olukai flip flops
      22. 400 count cotton sheets
      23. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning
      24. The way sloths smile
      25. Playing Gin Rummy
      26. Laughing with others
      27. Inside jokes
      28. Shared glances
      29. A secret
      30. Kit Kats
      31. Red Vines
      32. Lemon meringue pie
      33. Citrus scents
      34. A long, hot bath
      35. Time alone
      36. The sound of children laughing
      37. The smell of bread baking
      38. The way a kitten’s paw feels
      39. Giving dogs belly rubs
      40. Feeling safe
      41. Paisleys
      42. Argyle
      43. Penny Loafers
      44. The feeling off hot coffee down the back of my throat
      45. The intimacy of your hair being washed
      46. The sound boats make as they bounce up and down at the harbor
      47. A lightning show in Fort Worth
      48. Poems that make you feel alive
      49. Songs that bring you back in time
      50. Friends who see you
      51. Giggling for no reason