Email the Right People — Don’t Just Build a List

When it comes to email marketing, it’s tempting to have a large list. A large list doesn’t help you. The right list does. Let’s face it. Bigger is not better.

As people, we like to be able to brag about the size of our lists.Do you want to be able to say that you have a list of 10,000 people or 72?

Email Marketing — Bigger is Not Better

You’ve most likely read at least ten articles on how to build your email subscriber list. If you’ve been on Twitter today, maybe you read 25. But bigger isn’t better. You want to email the right people, not just whomever.

Reach Your Audience Where They Are

Some would say that since I have over 16,000 Twitter followers, my list should be larger. To that I say, no. It’s okay that people prefer to read this article in their email client or when I post it to social media.

Email Marketing Audiences

If you are reading this in your email, it’s because you subscribed to this blog. That means you want to read my posts. It’s being delivered by Postmatic, my favorite service and client. That’s fine. You want to read my articles. Otherwise, you’d unsubscribe.

Right now, I have 107 subscribers to this website’s blog though Postmatic. That’s good. It’s healthy.

The Right Tools for the Right Audience

For my blog, Postmatic is perfect. I still need to communicate with my existing clients and sales leads. This is why I started using Mailchimp again.

I exported my clients from FreshBooks. Then I created an audience in Mailchimp with those folks alone. My friend Amy Hall is a Mailchimp Expert if you need help doing this for your own business. (I don’t offer that as a service.)

Email Marketing to Clients

I sent them special promotions that I was running. Most likely, since I manage many Twitter accounts, they won’t see my tweets. Honestly, most people like receiving emails — especially if they are GenX or Boomers.

I sent two simple campaigns with clearly-defined offers.

What are my open rates?

For the last two campaigns I had over 65% and 50% open rates. I had 3 unsubscribes. I love unsubscribes. You know they’re not interested.

My open rates are way above industry standards. Why? It’s simple. I’m only emailing those people who are interested.

What were the results?

Yes, I know. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” I sent the second email August 7 and by August 8 had $100 worth of extra work. It helps me and it helps my client.

Was it worth it? Yes. Even those who haven’t responded are now aware that I have an offer this month. Furthermore, they can expect similar offers in the future.

Much better than a random coupon, I’m reminding my clients about me, my services, and my brand.

What’s the lesson?

Do something. Send it to the people that matter. Don’t worry about numbers. Worry about quality.