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I am a consultant, teacher, and social media strategist who specializes in business to business relationship marketing.

Are you curious about my services? I offer consulting, training, Twitter audits, social media management, and more.

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Here are some of my recent recommendations from LinkedIn.


I consult for $150/hour or portion thereof on social media strategy.

Twitter Audit:

This is a popular service. Perhaps you started an account and feel stuck. For a small fee of $300, I will study your Twitter account and deliver a written report with my suggestions for improvement.

(Or you can just read this for my standard advice.)

Group Classes:

I will come to your office for a lunch and learn for a minimum of five (5) students and up to 15 for $50 a person, prepaid.

Social Media Management:

I have a few packages available for social media but my most popular is Twitter Pro which is 3 posts scheduled per business day with responses for $1,000 - prepaid monthly.

*If this seems expensive to you, I'd like to ask that you read this post.

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