Is Your eCommerce Shop Ready for Cyber Monday?

Getting your online shop ready for Cyber Monday shouldn’t be as overwhelming as it feels. This is especially true if you start in the summer. My days of being in church leadership taught me one valuable lesson: the holidays descend upon you like an avalanche. Don’t wait to plan these events. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day that American Consumers live for all year. Even recently, my friend asked me, “Why would you buy a blender today? Wait until November.” Well, because I need a blender today. That’s why. Sure, we can fill up our wishlists and then hit the mall at midnight on Thanksgiving Day and fight over the last Cabbage Patch Doll. Hey, I’m not a Black Friday shopper. I’m too cynical. 

I know that retail prices are inflated so that the sale can seem large. Besides, I prefer to sleep. And as far as Christmas presents go, if I buy any gifts, it won’t be on Black Friday. The crowds are too much for me. To each their own.

What is Cyber Monday?

After Web 2.0 gave us the ability to purchase online — thanks to eBay and Amazon — Cyber Monday began to rise as an alternative to the crowds and fistfights that became Black Friday. Seriously, if you didn’t grow up in the 80’s you don’t know the half of it. And that’s part of what drives the Cyber Monday sales — to keep people out of the crowds. The pandemic helped with that as well. 

“Since it was inception in 2005, Cyber Monday has grown exponentially. What began as a small sale with a handful of retailers turned into over $2 Billion in sales in 2014. This year is projected to be even bigger.” Duct Tape Marketing 

Cyber Monday is specifically for online stores, software, and tech. So, why do my WordPress friends have Black Friday sales for their WordPress Plugins? I’m not sure, to tell you the truth. I wish they would use Cyber Monday for the sale — if they really need that promotion. 

I’m Not a Fan of WordPress Plugins Going on Sale 

I realize that my views are slightly controversial. But stay with me here. See, if you push your WordPress plugin for sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday then you will be pushing most of your customers with annual renewals at the same time. 

If the majority of your customers renew their licenses at the end of November, then the majority of your customers buy at a discount. Can your plugin shop thrive by selling your product at a discounted price? If it cannot, then you must markup or inflate the plugin license cost so that your company can survive on the discount. And this feeds into itself. Since the majority of your customers renew in November, what will your December renewals be? January? February? You can see how that can easily become problematic. 

I’d rather have a healthy cash flow all year-’round than wait until after Thanksgiving to become profitable. Secondly, you’re training your customers to wait for the sale — as my friend suggested with the blender. Leave Cyber Monday for the gadgets and video games. 

If you want more of my fantastic marketing advice, you can purchase my book, “How to Market Your Plugin” from Amazon. This book will not be going on sale. 

Will Launch With Words Premium Content Packs Be Going on Sale?

No. I will not be hosting a sale on Cyber Monday for Launch With Words, my ebook, or my content planner. Why? Firstly, they’re already priced low to be accessible. To me, retail is all about pricing strategies that have to do with ridiculously high markups. My products are already value-priced. 

Stop Competing For Black Friday

Does it really matter which day you do it? Well, sure it matters which day you have the sale. Firstly, if your eCommerce shop is small, to compete with Amazon on Black Friday or Macy’s or Sam’s Club is just insane. Not to mention the fact that after Black Friday is Shop Small Saturday. I’m a firm believer in staying in your own lane for one and not competing with brands that have larger advertising budgets than you do. 

“Over the years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have vied for dominance. In 2020, Cyber Monday was the top day consumers planned to shop, with 30% saying they planned to shop Cyber Monday sales, compared to 24% saying the planned to shop on Black Friday. (Source: Shopping and Spending Survey 2020).”

How About a WooCommerce Tip?

I joined Bob Dunn on Do The Woo, among other industry experts including Katie Keith and James Rowland — to name a couple — with some of my best tips.

Listen to the whole podcast.

Hi, this is Bridget Willard with My tips for Black Friday is to leave Black Friday to the brick-and-mortar store. Cyber Monday is our day to celebrate and I would also give you this tip, take an inventory of the top 10 products that will be on sale. If everything is on sale, then nothing is on sale. Make a list of those products and ensure that you have updated photos, reviews, and website copy on all of those products. If you don’t have 10 products, then pick one that’s really going to go on sale. Which one is your loss leader? Think about that. And also a bonus tip is make sure you have one image for your product page that is 1200 by 628 pixels. This is because of open graph, social sharing. You don’t want to look like Amazon with this big old wide field and your book right in the middle. So those are my tips for Black Friday.

Get Ready for Cyber Monday With a Free To-Do List

I have a to-do list with tasks filled out for every working day from October 21 until CyberMonday. Get organized. Get your eCommerce store ready and let Black Friday be what it is — the day for brick-and-mortar stores to become profitable. 

It’s free, so log into your Google Account, click this link, and copy the Google Sheet to your own Google Drive. Then get to work on October 21. 

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