FREE Content Planner by Bridget Willard

For years people have been asking to pick my brain. Well, now you can. This worksheet was specifically designed for how I manage work for my clients. This methodology was all in my head — now you can download it for free.

Why Use a Planner?

It’s important to publish regularly on your company’s blog if brand awareness and organic traffic is important to you.

Smaller companies may publish once a month. Publishing more frequently, if you can do it consistently, will help your ranking for sure. So, how can you write and publish on your blog in a way that is effective?

Use your time well.

“Having the material outlined and organized before you begin writing saves you time. Because you want to publish as much as possible, think of content that will educate your readers. This can look different depending on the blog, but some blog ideas include industry how-tos, campaign round-ups, and listicles.” Kayla Carmicheal, Hubspot

Get A Tool To Help Organize Your Thoughts

Some people write an article, publish it, tweet it once and wonder why no one is reading it. You need to share it on social. So, instead of haphazardly writing posts and trying to figure out social later, I created a tool.

Measure Twice – Cut Once

This PDF download will help you plan articles and their social posts at once.

If you’d like the form, email me after purchase. My web host won’t allow me to upload the form to my site.

How Are You Planning Your Content?

“I was just searching online for something like this TODAY. Super excited!” Cami Shields MacNamara

Do it right the first time, and you’ll be way less frustrated.

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