Manage Twitter in Less than Five Minutes A Day

With time management, you can literally tweet and reply to mentions in five minutes a day. Pair this activity with checking your email in the morning. I promise you have time. Put it in your calendar. Do it every work day for a month. Then look at your stats. You’ll never regret it.

You have time to tweet. I promise.

One of the reasons given frequently for not using Twitter is the lack of time. I think you can maintain an account with under 2000 followers with a minimum of five minutes a day. Like any skill, frequency, not duration, is the key to learning.

Try five minutes in the morning and when you feel comfortable add another five minutes after lunch or in the evening or after lunch.

The more time you spend on Twitter replying to people, the more you will have staying power. Remember that Twitter is a conversation. Use lists. Resist the urge to press retweet.

Mange Twitter in Five Minutes

Though this screencast is dated by 2019 standards, it shows the time spent. It’s best viewed in full screen mode.

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