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Keys To Being Social: Respond

Let’s talk about manners.


This post may be a bit controversial. If you do decide to burn my effigy, do it responsibly with a Fire Department truck on standby like Mythbusters.

Part of being a social person on social media is responding. [Crowd gasps, gathers stones.]

I know. This is crazy talk. Allow me to digress.

But first, let’s talk about manners.

I believe in responding with my whole heart. It ties into the Golden Rule (aka: basic manners).

When I’m teaching this, I usually ask,

“Would you do [insert online behavior here] in real life?”

Maybe you would.

If you fall under that category, then a refresher in universally accepted manners is in store for you.

Good manners are not about doing everything perfectly right, they are about being thoughtful and using common sense, about choosing civility over rudeness.” Jill Evans Kryston

Manners are Respect

We often say social media is about building relationships. How is that done?

It’s certainly not Sea Monkeys and it doesn’t mean that you have to go on vacation with your newest follower either. People seem to respond to me with extremes, so I wanted to clear that up.

But we can break it down to a demonstration of mutual respect. Ignoring someone does not show respect.

Manners take Time

“You had to spend time with [brands] to get to know them as people.” Ted Rubin with Bryan Kramer 

People often say, “That’s not scalable.” I think this is an excuse. When I see responses from Ted Rubin or Gary Vaynerchuk (though rarely, but it does happen), then you have time. Do you have 250,000 followers or over a million? Most likely, the people in my audience have under 5,000. You have time. Seriously.

Exhibit A: