Organic Social: Are you investing in your soil?

Organic material needs the right conditions to grow. Your crops need the right soil. That’s an investment.

So, how are you investing in your soil online? Are you doing the work to be successful at organic social?

This is a spinoff of my recent GuruMinute video.

Chef’s Table — A Netflix Documentary

I was inspired by Chef’s Table this week and how Dan Barber’s food-to-table movement starts quite literally at the farm.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation and investment in the soil is how you get flavor — mind-blowing, true flavor.

The organic food movement is a movement against automation and a movement back toward nature. Allowing the land to rest, planting things that give back to the soil, and encouraging the microbial activity takes more time, is more expensive, but yields better results.

What makes social media organic?

What if we treated our social media organically?

What if we invested in the soil — the people — our fans, friends, and followers?

What if we rotated our content so we had a three-dimensional persona online? What if we shared other people’s content? What if we rested?

Guru Lesson

You can’t have organic faming without investing in the soil.

You can’t have organic social without investing in people.

Invest in people and they’ll invest in you.