Keep Telling People What You Do

Do you need clients? We all do. How do you let people know what you do? It’s so important to keep telling people what you do — not in a smarmy way — but as it is appropriate. If you stop marketing, people stop thinking of you.

Read that again.

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When we first start, we’re excited to tell everyone what we do. However, as our audience and peer group expands, it is necessary to remind people (and let new people know) about what you do and how you can help their business.

You Need a Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is important. It is easy to presume people know you for a certain skill. But what about the new people? Also, maybe you shifted your niche. How do people know your product or service is still available?

“You Do Twitter?”

Recently during a sales call, this very thing hit me. The client saw my content planner on Twitter and was glad to purchase it. During a follow up call, after reading the planner, she confessed she had no idea that I manage social media accounts for businesses.

I thought to myself, “How is it possible that new peers don’t know that I manage Twitter?

She apologized. But it wasn’t her fault.

It was my fault. Why?

Simple: I stopped talking about that part of my business.

The risk to not marketing completely is that people only know certain things about you.

What’s the Lesson?

Keep telling people what you do.

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