How Do I Promote My Blog Post?

You wrote a post. Great. Now what? How do you promote your blog post? What is your social media strategy? Do you even have an infrastructure?

How are you going to tell people about it? If you can’t promote it, does it even exist?

How do I promote my blog post?

If you post a blog in a deserted internet, did it even happen?

Would you play your heart out at a piano recital with no one in the theatre? No. You wouldn’t. Yet people publish a blog post and expect a Pulitzer.

It’s true that blogging produces authority, but that’s over the long haul. You have to put in the work to gain an audience and their respect. We’re talking about influence.

If content is your vehicle, then social media is your infrastructure. Share on X

The thing is that it takes years to build up your social capital and your community (social infrastructure).

So many people think social media (or blogging) will produce and instant community like Sea Monkeys. It’s not Sea Monkeys. It’s not instant. I mean, you can buy followers, but those aren’t people who will care you just wrote the blog post forever to be your crowning glory.

You Need Social Media

Start with one platform. Follow people. Share their content. Keep writing. Don’t stop doing that. Post if you want.

Go to other people’s blogs and comment on them. Some bloggers get picky about comment length or that it should add value to the conversation. I’m happy to have any interaction. But you should have fair warning.

to help get your blog and social coordinated.

If you give in social media, it will come back to you.

Build up the roads your content will travel on and you’ll reach your audience.

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5 responses to “How Do I Promote My Blog Post?”

  1. I think it depends on the target audience, where are they, and how can I reach them. But for most of us, I totally agree that building brand on Social Media is key. And building brand identity requires engagement and sharing. And as you said, not just sharing your own content, but sharing others content as well. That was how I found this blog post, my friend Piccia shared it on social media.
    Thanks for posting!