One year of WPblab

WPblab – Looking back over a year of learning, video platforms, and community.

Community, friendship, video, learning, guests, oh my! So much has happened since Jason Tucker invited me to co-host WPblab Oct 1, 2015! A Day that Will Live in Infamy Well, not really. But October 1, 2015, changed my life forever.…

So, About My WordPress Immersion Program

Ya. Most people know I was a teacher. So I can definitely write a  curriculum — at the very least a lesson plan. But what does this have to do with WordPress?

  1. As you know, I launched my first two WordPress web properties in April of 2015.
  2. In May of 2015 I began testing plugins and writing for WordImpress.
  3. In October of 2015, Jason Tucker invited me to co-host WPblab, a WordPress show.
  4. In December of 2015, I was hired as the Marketing Manager of WordImpress.

So, things moved progressively, but quickly in 2015 for me.

But now, WordPress is an essential part my job and still is my hobby (this blog). So, clearly, I can’t stay a n00b.

WordPress Immersion Program.

Originally it was my own joke.

People asked me why I read so much and watched so many shows and subscribed to so many podcasts. My answer:

“It’s part of my WordPress Immersion Program.”

But really, I was just following Devin Walker and Matt Cromwell around the Internet tweeting out their show appearances and quotes. This is normal for any Marketing Manager.