You’re Not Born A Guru – Twitter Takes Time

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I just realized you can download an archive of your tweets from

Today is my 6th year anniversary using Twitter (my original account is @gidgey).

By no means did I hit the ground running from this account.

Here is my first tweet:

It appears it took nearly a year before I talked to anyone.  My first mention was to Leo Laporte. Incidentally, it was from listening to his TWIT podcasts that I heard about Twitter in the first place and joined.

In this tweet, I talk to my first “real” person who became a friend.  We even co-wrote two songs together since then.

In this tweet dating back to 2008 I finally realized I wasn’t looking at my “replies” tab.  As of today, that section is called @connect but it has been called @mentions and interactions in the past, too.

And a final look back to my humble beginnings, I ask what a tinyrul is.  Notice that I didn’t capitalize the “w” in “What.”

Truthfully, it’s a bit humbling to look back at my beginings but I am hopeful that it will serve as an encouragement to all of you. You learn to Tweet by tweeting and from observing the syntax from other users.

Twitter, in many regards, is its own language and languages are best learned by continual, incremental exposure and use.

Happy Tweeting!


The Guru

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