You Can’t Syndicate Results: A Case for Original Content

If you’re hurting for content is syndication really an option? Maybe. Syndication may fill blank space but does it produce results?

I’m talking to those small businesses in travel, real estate, and construction industries here — where I see it the most.

What is syndicated content?

Essentially content is syndicated if you, as a small business, sign up for content to be posted on your website that is not original. You can also syndicate yourself by allowing other blogs like B2B Community or Forbes to post your content.

Essentially, if your content marketing company posts the same content on your site as well as all of their other clients, you are paying to be buried in duplicate content. Who wins?

  1. The first site to publish and be indexed.
  2. The Marketing Company selling the content.

I recently posted this Google Search screenshot on my Facebook Page and it sparked an interesting discussion.

Comments from my Content Marketing & SEO Peers

“The first person to post wins!” Jen Miller,

“I agree with this. I would think that most of the traffic is going to end up at the original post. The original content is going to be generating most of the real value. It makes sense if you’re a huge producer and struggle to get quality content and need to shore up gaps for a large audience, but for anyone small, it doesn’t make sense.” Adam Fout, Blue Steele Solutions

“Everything is getting so automated. And dilution is certainly what can happen. Google doesn’t like to see duplication, either.” Carol Stephen, Your Social Media Works

“Syndicated content fails to meet a fundamental role of content on your site….show authority. Syndicated content, what I call ‘aggregated’ is good for social media. It can fill in the gaps and be leveraged to build relationships. Aside from that, I would never use syndicated content on my site UNLESS that was the idea of the site. And that is my Pinterest strategy – it’s a collection of content I recommend reading – my recommended reading list!!” Robert Nissenbaum, Tactical Social Media

Only Original Content is King

If “content is king,” then syndicated content is “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” It’s a ruse. You could even be harming your brand by unknowingly having articles published on your site that you don’t agree with.

Syndicated content on your site might feed your ego (Emperor’s New Clothes), but is it producing results? Does this content help new customers find your business? Does this syndicated content elevate your brand? Does this duplicate content give you authority in your fiend? Are you being positioned as an expert? Are you getting new leads through organic searches?

Probably not.

The WPblab Episode

So, Jason Tucker and I addressed syndicated versus original content on WPblab August 22, 2018.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Let’s kill the “syndicated content is better than no content” myth. Who’s in?

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