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Consultants have gotten a bad wrap in the media for years. I still remember watching Office Space and laughing so hard at the consultants re-interviewing current employees. This scene is awesome. But I digress.

What Is A Marketing Consult?

A marketing consultation is where you have a conversation with a marketing professional. Marketing consults can be phone or video calls, depending upon the consultant. The goal of a marketing consult is to unblock you. A good consultant should ask a lot of questions to help clarify your goals and help create a plan to go forward.

Most of my consulting clients take their own notes and leave with homework. Often they schedule a follow-up call.

Though I charge for the hour, I don’t pro-rate the time. Meaning, the advice given during a consult comes from my considerable and diverse experience in a variety of fields. The value is in the advice, even if it’s given in the last five minutes of the call.

Because I genuinely care for my clients, I often send them follow up tools, materials, or referrals as it comes to mind. There’s no extra charge for kindness, right?

How Much Should Marketing Consultation Cost?

You can pay anywhere from $1.00/min to $16.67/min on Clarity.

I charge a flat, non-prorated fee: $175. Charging by the minute reminds me of the 1-900 phone sex ads. Gross.

The better question is what type of value and growth will happen once you execute? How much is investing in your own business worth? Will your business make $1,000 more a month? How much is that worth to you?

Do You Need a Marketing Consult?

It depends. Do you want advice? Are you stuck? If you don’t have time to follow up on the advice, maybe it’s not a good time. Like therapy, sometimes the act of talking to a professional brings the clarity you desire.

I’ve advised my clients on a variety of topics from job costing to training them to use Twitter, from teaching them to block their time, to auditing their home page copy.

“…we ended our conversion with us both laughing after I said ‘I need more monitors for more chrome tabs…’ It was a great call. If you haven’t talked with her yet, you really should line up a call!” Malcolm Peralty

I have time to work on your business. Do you?

If other, what service?

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