How To Use Launch With Words to Pitch and Build Roofing Contractor Websites

If you’re wondering how to niche down in your website development business, why not go after roofing contractor websites? Launch With Words is the perfect companion. 

Roofing Contractor Websites – The Riches are in the Niches

If you google roofer marketing, you’ll likely come across a few ads but the number one agency for integrated marketing for roofers is Roofer Marketers. Brian, Jim, and the team there are amazing and they do a great job in their PPC-based website builds. I used to write for them.

Core and More Technologies also offers integrated marketing including website builds, social media, CRMs, and PPC. 

Certainly, these two companies have been successful by targeting a specific demographic: roofing contractors. 

According to IBIS World, there are over 100,000 roofing contractors in the United States alone. If those two companies have even a 25% market share, that leaves 75,000 roofing contractors who need basic, functional websites that inform, sell, and convert. That’s a big market share waiting for you. Yes, you. 

Why Build Roofing Contractor Websites in WordPress?

Simply speaking, 500 WordPress websites are built every day, according to research done by Austin-based WPEngine. WordPress isn’t going away and is one of the best platforms to build upon – especially for small businesses like roofing contractors. 

What is Launch With Words and Why Does Blogging Matter?

The Premium Pack for Roofing Contractors has twelve fully-written blog posts following SEO best practices. These are not boring, fluff pieces. They’re meant to answer frequently asked questions by consumers looking for roofing repair and reroofs. 

These blog posts, when scheduled regularly, give Google the cadence they’re looking for (SEO) to show that your client’s roofing company is in business and has engaging contact. Your client will say that their “website works.”

The roofing articles are imported as drafts. Backdate one of the posts and schedule the balance for the next eleven months. Boom, a year of content is done. Or, backdate one article, and schedule the balance of the roofing contractor blog posts for the next eleven weeks. Launch the site with words. Get it? Launch With Words! How you schedule those drafts is up to you.

That aggressive publishing schedule post-launch will give the new website quite a lift and your agency 10 weeks to get some more content written and published on that site – all under the SEO budget for your monthly maintenance contract. (You have a maintenance contract, right?)

Launch With Words is similar to Private Label Rights (PLR) content. However, all of the tedious work is done for you with Launch With Words. No copy/paste. No reformatting. No finding outbound links. 

Each article is formatted and once you import the pack, each article is on the WordPress website as a draft. It’s not an RSS feed. It’s not syndication. You now own the content. Customize the content or leave it as is. It’s up to you. The difference between the definition of traditional PLR from The Balance is that the Launch With Words articles are written to be specifically generic. No revisions are needed.

“You don’t have to blog for long to know that coming up with new ideas is difficult. PLR content provides you with ideas and the basics of an article. All you have to do is revise.” The Balance Small Business

Who Wrote the Launch With Words Roofing Articles? 

I did not outsource the writing of the roofing contractor content pack. I’ve been writing about roofing and construction for the last 22 years. I started working with roofers in 2000 and eventually moved to a general contractor. I left the construction industry in 2015 to work for an advertising agency that specialized in the franchise industry. 

Why do I include my resume? Because the franchise industry uses syndicated content on their multisite installations all day long. They don’t worry about duplicate content issues. Do you know why? It doesn’t matter as much as we think. Duplicate content isn’t their issue; no content is. 

Get to the Point. How Does Launch With Words Help Me Sell Roofing Contractor Sites?

So Mike Demo from Codeable gave a talk about how to make $125,000 by selling $500 sites every business day. You could definitely do that with roofing contractors. Then again, you can also offer a $950 website as a value-add and for price anchoring (psychology FTW). This puts you in a league of your own.

As far as I know, no agencies are doing this with content that scales the way private label rights (PLR) content does. The big agencies do this with the franchise industry every day of the week. And they pay a pretty penny for it, too. Or is it a pretty hundy? Or Maybe a pretty bitcoin? But you get the point.

Okay so here are the four steps to making money with Launch With Words. 

  1. Find Roofing Contractors who don’t have a website. Searching on Google Maps is a great way to do this as I demonstrate in this video. Mike Demo recommends being part of your Chamber of Commerce or BNI networking group as the roofing web person.
  2. Pitch them a $950 site. How? You’re the one who builds websites. Butch Ewing does a great job in his video. Maybe that will inspire you.
  3. Buy the Launch With Words Roofing Pack for $497. It comes with a home and about page template. Wait. What? Yes! Fill in the blanks (no waiting for clients to give you content).
  4. Build the site in a couple of hours. You can even do it with the Launch With Words Bundle on Cloudways. Get that affiliate hosting revenue going, yo!

Here’s A Breakdown of the Math!

$950 – 497 = $453 profit. 

Rinse and repeat. If you did 3 sites, you would make $1,359 in profit.

Or buy the unlimited site license of $2,000.

Build 3 sites.

$950 x 3 = $2,850 less $2000 for the licence = $850 in profit.

The fourth website is $950 in profit. The fifth is also $950 in profit. 

The total profit for the four websites is $1,800. Profit for five websites is $2,750.

To put it another way, if you build ten of these sites and purchase the roofing contractor pack separately, you can make a profit of $4,530. That’s not bad for ten quick websites. Imagine if you did that every month!

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However, if you purchase the multisite license, ten websites will yield a profit of $7,500. That’s a pretty penny. Makes you kind of want to niche down in the roofing industry, right? 

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Bonus: Put them on a maintenance contract and charge for hosting and content. Use affiliate hosting links the way Mike Demo recommends and then gain that revenue as well.

Are You Ready to Make Money With Launch With Words?

What are you waiting for? Go find some roofing contractors in your local community who need websites. It’s a win-win-win. You get a client, they get a website, and I get a sale. They make money, you make money, I make money. Boom. Done. Get it. 

*Not a tax advisor. Obviously, there are additional costs to running a business and building websites. But you get the idea. 

Launch With Words. Because that’s what works. 

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