Social Networks are Like Purses

You can’t really buy a purse for someone else now can you?

Are you going for a night out?
Do you change your purse with every outfit?
Should it be big or small or have a zipper?

Choosing a network or networks is a personal decision. How much time will you spend to learn the site, post content, and engage with your audience?

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I mean, if you have the time to change your purse to match every outfit, you go with your bad self.

This would be akin to being present on multiple social networks.

Some of us choose to spend our time online. So to be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and YouTube is no big thing.

If you just want to pick up your purse and leave the house, this may not be an option for you.

So now you have to choose.

Do you need space? Maybe Facebook is the right network for you. It has a larger audience and global footprint.

If you want less in your purse, maybe a clutch fits your style better than a messenger bag. After all, it is less burdensome and more fashionable. That’d be Twitter, in my opinion.

It doesn’t really matter what you think is cool now. In 90 days to 2 years [insert new cool hip social network here] will come about and be the “new thing.” Or it could go the way of Myspace, Wave, and maybe Ello.

As social media nerds we’re looked to often as “experts.” But we all have our own opinions based upon our own needs and experiences.

We all have our own cache of purses.

Which will you choose? We can’t choose for you.