Say “Yes” To Yourself: Why I Started My Business

What does it mean to say “yes” to yourself? Saying “yes” to yourself is about taking a risk — regardless of your fear — and going forward. If you fail, it won’t be because you didn’t try. This is why I started my business.

I’m sure I heard it somewhere but I’ve found myself advising my friends this year,

“If you don’t apply to speak, you say ‘no’ to yourself.”

The inverse is “say ‘yes’ to yourself.” This is my 2018 statement.

Why the Business?

When my services at my dream job were no longer needed, I found myself at a crossroads. Do I look for another job? Do I take on clients? It wasn’t an easy choice, yet I knew I had to make a decision.

My late husband wanted me to start my business in 2009. All of my social media friends for the last ten or so years have always encouraged me to go into business.

I had the support of my friends and family:

My sister-in-law believes in me. My grandma believes in me. My mom believes in me. My long-term friends believe in me. Julie Brigham tells me to say “I am awesome. I love me.”

Still, I was afraid. I knew social media. It was running a business which scared me.

Then I realized I have all of the skills I need to run a business. Accounting, job costing, customer service, teaching, marketing, reporting, counseling, sales, and proposal writing have all been learned on my awkward career path. My broken road wasn’t broken — it was training.

I had the knowledge, the skills, and the support I needed. I was still worried only now, I knew I could and should make the leap. I knew I would succeed.

New Logo: A Dragon

With a new direction comes a new logo. My previous tagline was “Giving Unsolicited Advice Since 2011” which is true. Sometimes I’d joke and say that “I do things the hard way so you don’t have to.” But when I decided to start this business I thought more about my clients and how I can help them.

I was chatting with my friend Jason Lemieux of Postmatic about how I approach social media marketing. He said, “Oh. You’re the Jane Goodall of Twitter.” Yes. I study them and I work hard to be them.

So when I was in Seattle with Justine Pretorious, I bounced off my new tagline and she said, “Yeah. That’s you.”

“Your voice. Your power. Your Brand.”

I asked Cheryl and Sherrie LaPrade, of Rosie the Wapuu fame, to take my tattoo and make it into my logo using it for color cues. (Wait, tattoo? Read the next section).

I love what they did. It’s so me.

  • ocmarketingguy That’s really awesome Bridget – I love that you incorporated your new ink! #badass #branding 😎👍🏼
  • meg.delagrange Ohhhh it gives me chills, you are moving forward powerful Queen!
  • mhanes Amazingly well done, communicates you perfectly 🙂

A Dragon and a Flower

So, what’s up with your new logo? It came from my tattoo.

Fear has always been my nemesis. It’s had too much of a hold on my life for too long — in every single area. I cannot allow it.

In November, I did it. I decided upon a dragon because they are fierce and powerful. I wanted it on my right hip to remind myself that I have my own power. The flowers speak of my femininity. I can be a strong woman who is fierce and powerful and soft and pretty. These are not flaws or mutually-exclusive attributes. It’s me — I’m a whole person who is powerful.

My power is my voice. Your power is your voice. Let’s amplify them together.

“Your voice. Your power. Your Brand.”



Brooke Lark

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