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So, you’ve been invited to be a podcast guest. Great. How can you do it well. Is it easy to be a good podcast guest? You’d think it would be. But it isn’t.

I’ve been on a few podcasts and interviews as well as being a co-host of WPblab since 2015. Believe me, you can be a bad guest on a podcast. We’ve seen a few.

It’s important for podcast guests to get the tech right, be prepared, show up on time, not deliver a monologue, and actually listen to the podcast.

A Good Podcast Guest Gets the Tech Right

On WPwatercooler, we have guidelines (which you can read here). If the podcast host or producer gives you guidelines, follow them.

Suffice it to say that you should have the following:

  • Headphones. We don’t want feedback.
  • A microphone of some sort even if it is in your headphones.
  • Light. Some kind of light should be shining on you.
  • Fast WiFi or a hard connection. (Otherwise, you cut out and sound like an overdubbed Kung Fu movie from the 1970’s. In case you’re wondering, that’s not good.)
  • No background noise. This means not doing a podcast in a crowded co-working space, coffee shop, or at a four-year-old’s birthday party.

A Good Podcast Guest is a Prepared Guest

Every host has their own style. Some of them like to ask specific questions and others riff. You may even receive critical questions ahead of time. Read through them the day or week before. Be a prepared guest. Unprepared guests aren’t invited back. And the podcasting world is very small. Hosts talk to each other about guests. So, if you’re not a good guest, you may hurt your reputation.

A Good Podcast Guest Listens to the Podcast

Listen to at least one episode. Two may be better. You want to understand how you can fit into their podcast, not the other way around. Being a good guest means serving someone else’s audience. So, it’s not about you. If that bothers you, start your own podcast.

A Good Podcast Guest Is Concise

It’s tempting to deliver a monologue but, remember it’s not your show. It’s also not about you. Allow the hosts to ask their questions. Give concise answers — soundbites. It’s good to elaborate but be mindful. Allow the hosts to ask follow-up questions. Try to stay on track. This is even more important if the podcast is edited. Take breaths. You don’t have to say everything that comes to your mind. I promise.

A Good Podcast Shows Up Early

Be on time. And when I say on time, I mean early. We all have bad days. All of us. But schedules are crazy for everyone. Do your best to plan for buffer time. Live podcasts may start at 9:00 AM for example but the pre-show is at 8:45 AM.

What Are Your Podcast Guest Tips?

I’m always curious to see what people think. Let me know in the comments.


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