Extend a Tweet’s Life

One of the takeaways from “Can you fall in love with a brand?” is how to extend the life of a tweet.

Tweets, essentially, are public text messages with a link. If it has a link, it can be embeded into a post like this.

And so, people from the blog post, can favorite the tweet, retweet it, follow you, etc.

You can also take a screenshot of a tweet, but I like the interactive use of embedding.

This is a non-interactive screenshot of the tweet linked above.
This is a non-interactive screenshot of the tweet linked above.

When I post screenshots of tweets on Facebook, I include the Tweet’s link and the comments will help that tweet live a bit.

Screenshots are good for tweets that you suspect may be deleted, too.

I like Skitch (available in the App Store – merged with Evernote) for screenshots on my Mac.

Another tip to extend the life of a tweet is to give it a chance for a longer life at the get go.

A good tweet includes:

  1. Are you talking to someone?  Include their Twitter handle and make sure it’s correct.
  2. Include a photo and upload directly onto Twitter. Third party links are no longer supported by them (this includes Instagram and Hootsuite). If someone sees the photo straightaway in the feed, it has a higher chance of being seen.
  3. Use a hashtag, either the event’s tag or make one up.
  4. Are you at the Golden Gate Bridge, for example?  Use their Twitter handle in your tweet.  (Hey, I’m at the @GGBridge.)

What are your tips?


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