Launch With Words Starter Content Pack

Are You Ready to Write 12 Blog Posts?

Are you looking for the German Starter Pack? Go here.

Dutch (NL) Starter Pack is coming soon. Thanks, Anne Bovelett.

What is Launch With Words?

Launch With Words is a free WordPress plugin that combines the experience of a small business writer with blogging prompts to encourage you to publish once a month.

It’s like having Bridget sit next to you as you write!

Follow the prompts.



How Do I Install Launch with Words?

This page allows you to download one zip file. You need them both.

  • LWW Importer Plugin should be uploaded as a new plugin on your site. Please download that file from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • After you activate the Importer Plugin, click the Import Tab.
  • Download the content pack zip file. UNZIP this file. There will be a PDF and the JSON file.
  • Choose the JSON file from “LWW-Starter-Pack.”
  • You will be asked to choose a category and an author before importing. Once done, your 12 blog posts will be set as drafts and ready to write.
  • Also unzipped with the LWW-StarterPack is a PDF welcome letter to show you or your clients how to use the prompts.
  • If you love it, don’t be afraid to give another five-star review!

How Do The Prompts Work?

  • Go to your Posts menu in the WordPress Admin.
  • Follow the prompts to help you write
  • Follow the checklist
  • Publish
  • Share on social!
  • Easy right?

Thank you!

Release Notes

Version 1.01 – 25 Jan 21

Fixing a fatal error when running on a Windows Server environment.