Launch With Words Chamber of Commerce Premium Pack

Are You Building a Website for a Chamber of Commerce?

For under $500, you can add twelve fully-written blog posts to the new website! This is a huge value-add for your next WordPress website build. Hey, you can even design it with Beaver Builder and then add the blog posts! You’ll get the website done faster, launched faster, and you’ll get paid faster.

  • Install the plugin. Purchase and download the JSON file.
  • Import.
  • Add a 1200 x 628 featured image and a meta description (recommended).
  • Publish or schedule!

Markup the cost and add it to your next website build. Your client will have one published blog post per month –a ranking factor for Google — and you’ll be your client’s hero!

“Thank you so much. My website works!” ~ Your Client

Purchase 12 Fully-Written Blog Posts Ideal for your local Chamber of Commerce Website

The entire pack is over 8,000 words! Each article is about 650 words.

Some of the titles include:

    • Why Should I Join My Chamber of Commerce?
    • What Does a Chamber of Commerce Do?
    • How Do I Network With Other Businesses in My City?
    • What Is the Shop Local Movement?

This JSON file is for use on one website only (one-site license).

Want multisite or unlimited use of Launch With Words?

Multisite or unlimited use is for the low price of $2,000! Contact me through the website and let me know you want this. I’ll send you an invoice, you pay, boom. Sound good?

“I can’t wait for the release of more ‘packs.’ This is such a great plugin and a tool I plan to use for more and more clients.” Cami MacNamara

What is in the JSON file for Launch with Words?

Each short-form blog post includes outbound links and is written with readability in mind. Once you import the JSON file, you will have twelve fully written articles in posts.

Once you import the pack, each blog post is set as a draft ready to be published immediately or scheduled for the future. You can even customize or localize the copy. Local SEO for the win!

How Do I Install Launch with Words?

This page allows you to download one JSON file.

But first, get the Importer Plugin from

  1. The LWW Importer Plugin should be uploaded as a new plugin on your site from
  2. After you activate the Importer Plugin, go to Posts.
  3. Go to Launch With Words under Posts.
  4. Go to the Import tab.
  5. Choose the JSON file.
  6. You will be asked to choose a category and an author before importing. Once done, your 12 blog posts will be set as drafts. Add a 1200×628 featured image and a 155 character meta description.
  7. Schedule each blog post to be published once a month. Or publish them at the same time. It’s up to you.
  8. If you love Launch With Words, don’t be afraid to give another five-star review! Reviews help me a lot!

Thank you!