eCommerce WebDev Mini Pack

Not sure what to write to promote your WebDev agency? That’s okay. This Launch With Words Mini eCommerce Pack will help get you going.

Not sure what to write to promote your WebDev agency? That’s okay. The Launch Withe Words Mini eCommerce Pack will get you going in the right direction. Attract WooCommerce store customers without spending more than $100!

And it only takes 2 minutes to install & publish.

How is Launch With Words a Good Deal?

You would pay upwards of $425 for each article if you hired Bridget to write them directly. Instead, you get to benefit from volume. What a deal!

These are written with a small business owner in mind, prepping them to hire you, the WebDev agency that has experience building WooCommerce websites that convert. 

You can customize the call to action, add a schedule button, or leave each article as it is. Don’t worry about duplicate content. Google doesn’t have a penalty for that. 

Titles for the September 2023 eCommerce WebDev Mini Pack include:

  • Does My Small Business Really Need an eCommerce Website? (860 Words. Grammarly Score 93.)
  • How Do I Take Photos For My eCommerce Store Listings? (1098 Words. Grammarly Score 88.)
  • How Does eCommerce Supercharge My Business’ SEO? (1400 Words. Grammarly Score 95.)
Screenshot of Grammarly's Score on one of the Launch With Words eCommerce WebDev Mini Pack.
Screenshot of Grammarly’s Score on one of the Launch With Words eCommerce WebDev Mini Pack.

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Shouldn’t I Just Use AI?

“So I have to ask you this question: why should I buy a Launch With Words Pack instead of prompting AI like ChatGPT?” Rob Cairns

Me: “Because you haven’t done it.” 

The truth is that AI promises ease of use and provides an avalanche of sentences that still need to be read, edited, fact-checked, and optimized for a web-facing article. 

What is Launch With Words?

that competes with — which is more often than not a snooze fest. It is human-generated content at scale. Why? Volume. And don’t worry about duplicate content. The only thing worse is no content. 

These articles are meant to be used across your social media profiles with “tweetable” quotes. (Is it still “tweetable?” Sounds better than Xable.)

Is Launch With Words Complicated?

  • .
  • Purchase and download the JSON file.*
  • Import the JSON file.
  • Deactivate and delete the plugin if you like. You only need it for import.
  • Extra touch: Add a 1200 x 628 featured image and a meta description.
  • Publish and schedule!

*Single site license.

What is in the JSON file for Launch with Words?

Once you import the JSON file you purchased*, you will have twelve fully written blog posts in the post section of your website. They are imported as a draft so that you can control the publishing schedule. Yes! Schedule them to publish once a month, every week, or all at once. It is up to you.

Each engaging blog post averages 500 words, includes outbound links, and, is written with readability in mind. They’re meant to educate, inform, and sell – your WebDev services to your clients – small business owners.

Once downloaded, each blog post can be customized or localized. Local SEO for the win!

How Do I Install Launch With Words?

This page allows you to purchase and download one JSON file for use on one website only.

But first, get the Importer Plugin from

  1. The LWW Importer Plugin should be uploaded as a new plugin on your site from
  2. After you activate the Importer Plugin, go to Posts.
  3. Go to Launch With Words under Posts.
  4. Go to the Import tab.
  5. Choose the JSON file.
  6. You will be asked to choose a category and an author before importing. Once done, your blog posts will be set as drafts. Add a 1200×628 featured image and a 155-character meta description.
  7. Schedule each blog post to be published once a month. Or publish them at the same time. It’s up to you.
  8. If you love Launch With Words, don’t be afraid to give another five-star review! Reviews help me a lot!