Donations Are Important To Your Business

Making donations is an important way to give back as a business. Nonprofits do important work. Instead of donating a portion of my income to one nonprofit, I spread out the love among several.

I used to spend quite a bit of my time volunteering. Sometimes volunteer hours are harder to give. I even wrote about the value of my volunteer time for WordCamp Orange County.

Supporting Nonprofits

Ten percent of my profit (which goes up and down so sometimes it’s a larger percentage) is dedicated to donations to nonprofits. I support a variety of causes from nature conservation, to ministries, tech education, to the underserved.

Recurring donations are a monthly subscription (think Netflix). It is much easier for me to do it this way than one-time donations.

I am a recurring donor for The Nature Conservancy, OxfamWP&UP, freeCodeCamp, WWF, University Christian Ministries, and the National Domestic Abuse Hotline.

Amazon Smile & More

I also support Sea Turtle, Inc. with my Amazon Smile Purchases and I regularly donate books and clothes to my local Goodwill. I’ve been doing that since my late husband passed away in 2016.

How Do You Spread the Love?

My friend Beth from Adventure Auto Glass supports animal charities from their business. I love this so much. It’s part of who they are as people and resonates in their brand. What nonprofits does your business support?

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