Getting Content From Clients — The Problem Launch With Words Solves

How are you currently getting content from your web development clients? Is it holding up your payment? Is the website taking too long to launch? Are you waiting for your clients to write the content? Are you frustrated? Yeah. I know you are.

The worst part about frustration is that it directly impacts your client communication. You’re annoyed; it shows in the emails. You’re uninspired; it shows in the final product. You forgot what you actually had to do on the project. And, when it comes to being a reputable web developer, your main advantage is your communication.

“Client communication is an important differentiating feature for you over your competitors.” Mike Demo

“I’m sick of waiting on clients for content.”

Every developer that I chat with in person, on the phone, over Twitter, Voxer, or WhatsApp is waiting for a client. They’re waiting for the content. They’re waiting for the images. They’re waiting for approval. Waiting. And waiting to wait.

It’s frustrating, even if you don’t wait for the content to launch the site – and get paid.

Graph shows that 56% of respondents said "yes, they wait for content in order to get paid." 44% said no. 14 yes. 11 no.
(Source: Bridget’s Typeform Survey)

Websites Need Content – But Not from Clients

Every time a website project is unfinished, it adds to your frustration as an agency, web developer, and as a human. And this isn’t an issue with new agencies. It becomes an issue every single time you engage with a new client. Sure, you can add clauses to your contract and put their website project on the back burner. You can even charge a fee to put the project back on your production calendar. 

Who has time to manage all that? 

You have other clients and, frankly, better ways to spend your time. 

What’s the solution?

Here’s the thing. Your clients are not copywriters. Even if they are copywriters, they’re usually way too close to their brand to effectively write for their website. So, how do you circumnavigate the client so you can build the dang website?

"Why would we trust the client with the most important part of the website -- the words?" Warren Laine-Naida
“Why would we trust the client with the most important part of the website — the words?” Warren Laine-Naida

Here enters Launch With Words Premium Packs. You simply purchase a single pack of twelve blog posts that are optimized for SEO. Schedule them to publish once a month, and the client has content for a year. Use the content from the blog posts for the page content. Or, set one blog post to publish and schedule one for every week post launch. That’ll be a nice 11-week SEO boost. 

“The idea was unique. Willard had written starter content for both the default Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty WordPress themes. She then asked why no one was doing the same for post content. Thus, a new product was born.” WPTavern

Some customers are using the blog posts as a reserve for when their clients don’t write a blog post. Other customers use it to get ahead of the blog and page content. 

“Thank you for making my life easier. I love helping clients however I can. Recently, a roofing contractor that I built a website asked me for help with blogging. What perfect timing with the launch of Roofing Pack. I’m thrilled with how this works. I can’t wait for the release of more ‘packs.’ This is such a great plugin and a tool I plan to use for more and more clients.” Cami MacNamara

How Does Launch With Words Help My Content Problems?

If you’re into niche marketing or a fan of the Seven Figure Agency Roadmap, you already get it. For everyone else, these premium content packs allow you to build a website development business around an industry

It helps because the content is written to be specifically generic – but not boring. This means you can buy a pack for each new client (or email me for the $2,000 unlimited license), mark up the cost, keep the client over the course of a year, and add services like blogging and PPC. Going from the one-and-done mentality to a systematized approach is the way to go if you want a monthly recurring revenue that scales (MRR). 

It’s nothing new. These types of blog posts are also known as Private Label Rights (PLR) content. You probably have seen or read some pretty bland 200-word articles online somewhere. What makes the content packs for LWW different is that they’re not boring, stupid, fluff content. These blog posts were written to answer common questions in the industry. They’re an average of 650 words (at least 500). Grammarly has marked them as “engaging” or “very engaging.” And they include outbound links to reputable sources as well as many internal linking opportunities.

Fluff content is the way that the Franchise Industry provides content to its franchisees. It’s also the way successful Seven Figure Agencies have provided blog and page content. I’ve spent time working for both types of industries (and writing the post and page content) which is how I came up with the idea, by the way.

“Brian Niebler & Jim Ahlin own Roofer Marketers—a digital marketing agency serving the roofing space. Before joining the Seven Figure Agency they hadn’t chosen a niche for their agency, which left them with inconsistent revenue. …Since they made the shift, they have accelerated the growth of their digital marketing agency to over $50,000 a month of recurring revenue—in just over a year.” Josh Nelson 

This is the essence of the Seven Figure Agency plan with Launch With Words. 

Is Anyone Really Doing This?

Yes. Fat Dog Creatives realized how easy it was to buy a single content pack for her Chamber of Commerce client that she decided to make this a niche offering. She created a landing page and is working on marketing to the more rural chambers now. 

This is the review Rhonda Negard wrote for Launch With Words in the Plugin Directory.

I provided ALL of the site elements.

With the Chamber of Commerce Pack, I was able to not only design and build the site, but I was also able to provide content. That’s a big deal because my client’s board’s internet access was limited and their old site in the WayBack Machine was nothing more than a few photos and links. Between their Facebook page and the content pack, I’ve been able to create page content, not just post content.

Thank goodness!

I’m still getting the work done so I’m not behind for other work. YEA! Thank you so much for creating this awesome resource!

You No Longer Have to Wait to Get Content From Clients

Well, that’s not totally accurate. I haven’t written for every industry yet. With that said, there will be 13 packs available by the end of 2022. If you have a request, let me know

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