Blog Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Small businesses should be blogging. Yes. I said it. Blog isn’t a four letter word. Do it. Publish regularly. Let’s talk about how to accomplish this in a realistic way.

Don’t look down on blogging.

It’s not beneath your website or your brand to publish on your website. Companies who educate their customer base win — loyalty, top of mind, affinity, and sales.

If you  have a website, you should have a blog. If you don’t, go back to your website developer and ask for it. (By the way, this is one of the benefits of WordPress — owning your own content.)

I go into more detail on how to create a blog here. I talk more about why you should blog here.

How often should you publish?

Publish as regularly as you can. I get busy with my client work and don’t even follow my own advice. But publishing every Tuesday at 7am is a good idea, for example.

The more you can publish, the more traffic you will have. It’s been studied time and again. Once a week is a minimum and four times a week seems aggressive but can be effective. Make sure your posts are worthwhile.

“The small companies that publish 11 or more blog posts per month drive much higher traffic than companies of the same size that publish fewer than 11 blog posts. ” Hubspot 

Do you feel overwhelmed? “I don’t want to *&(@%&^$ blog!!!!” That’s why I’ve used the play on words. Don’t cuss, let’s help you get started.

Let’s get you on track.

It’s easy to get off track. We all do.

Here’s a simple worksheet or questionnaire to help guide you.

  1. What are the top 3 questions your company gets from customers?
  2. What are the top 3 things you wish your customers knew about your business?
  3. What new things are happening in your industry that are exciting?
  4. What are three things about your business’ origin story?

Now you have four topics with three answers each. You have 12 potential blog posts. You can write 300-500 words each. Make it simple. Publish one on the first Tuesday of every month.

Or you can download my content planner to help get your blog and social coordinated.

If you want to step it up, you can publish every other week, but then you will need to find some more topics. Though, I guess, as you write, you will get more ideas from feedback from your employees, customers, and fans.

What’s stopping you? Get to it. 😉

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