Keys to Being Social: Introductions

Keys to Being Social: Introductions

“Nobody gets anywhere in life without the help of others.” ~ John C Maxwell “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

How do you meet people?

Gone are the days when you read every randomly pinned business card on the laundromat’s bulletin board while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry. But even that is better than opening up the Yellow Pages (does anyone still have those?) and finding what you need. Your fingers would have to walk miles.

Meeting people is always challenging. Sometimes, it is our biggest question. How do you meet that special person? How do you find a plumber? Who will you know at the exciting conference next month?

Part of being social is getting to know people. (What a concept, right?) It may just be me but sometimes I think two people have more in common with each other (than with me). I simply send out a tweet.

“Hey @soandso. You should check out @whoever because you both [insert commonality]”

Not to digress, but this was the original purpose of #FollowFriday or #FF tweets – to introduce you to people who you may not know, but should.

In social media, introductions are a good way to build not just a following, but a community. These relationships develop. People know other people. Introductions can turn into connections and can become referrals.

Case(s) in Point

Rhonda Burgin and her husband have a residential design-build contracting business. But she wanted to spice up her SEO. Of course, I sent her to my very good friend, who I also met on Twitter, Pam Aungst of Pam Ann Marketing. Burgin Construction, Inc. was Pam’s client for years. They got busy and didn’t renew. Happy coincidence? Maybe.

I met Asia Bautista of Window Works CA and Motor Works CA through work since she is one of our window film subcontractors. She wanted to get more social and I gave her quite a bit of advice. However, her main issue was time and she wanted to outsource it. One of my very good friends, Carol Stephen, who I met on Twitter (noticing a pattern?) also lives in the Bay Area and so I set the two of them up. They’ve been business associates and friends ever since. Not surprisingly, as connections resemble spider webs more than two dimensional lines, Asia expressed an interest in improving her search results. Carol introduced her to Pam Ann Marketing.

Of course, I wrote about how I introduced my boss to my newest CRE broker Allen C Buchanan here. That turned into several referrals. You hear more of his tips on “How to take your relationship offline.”

Be a People Curator:

Here’s the challenge. Think about who you know and who they should know. It’s not about friend poaching. It’s about introductions. Do you know a great restaurant in San Diego? Is your cousin going to vacation there? Introduce them. People will come to value you as a broker of sorts and maybe, just maybe, they’ll return the favor.

Sound Off:

Have I lost my mind? Are these tips helpful? Feedback is gold.

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