How Do I Use Facebook for Business?




I’ll admit it. This social media stuff can be confusing. And “we experts” don’t always help, do we?

Many people use their Facebook profiles for business establishments, and that’s against the terms of service (TOS) for Facebook. Joe’s Pizza Shack should be a Page, not a profile.

So, I thought it would be helpful to you if I put all of my relevant videos and blogs for Facebook as a Business right here on one page. It may grow and expand in the future.



How Do I Set Up a Page?

My friend Ruby Rusine made an infographic and expanded her thoughts here.

Matt Clark has a great explanation of “Facebook Roles” here.

How Do I Interact With Other Pages?

All of the pages you like will be in the Pages Feed.

There is a drop-down feature when you like a page to choose if you interact as you or as your page.

Select the Page you want to comment as from the drop down.

Why is it important?

Amy Donohue specializes in teaching businesses how to use Facebook and has hosted many workshops in the Phoenix, AZ area. Here’s my mini-interview of her.

Be Active

One of the benefits of a Facebook Page is that it can be found in a Google search. Make sure you don’t start one and abandon it.

Want more?

I have basic strategy lessons in both a blog series and a video series.