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Use Launch With Words and Get Paid!

A free tool to add value to your site design and build.



Your clients are busy running their businesses.

Are you a developer who is frustrated that your web clients aren’t turning in the content you need to build their website? You’ve asked repeatedly, now it is holding up the launch date – AND – your payment.

Launch with words and get paid!

Don’t wait for clients. They’re always behind. They have their own businesses to run. As a copywriter, I partner with freelance developers and agencies to write and edit website content so you can get that website launched.

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How about a free tool?

I ! It contains content questions that you can copy to your own Google Drive, brand, and send to your clients as part of your onboarding workflow.

When you get it back, give it to your writer on staff or vendor of choice. They write the content. You put it on the site.

Boom. You’re ready to launch.

Launch With Words gets you paid sooner!

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“Bridget has been doing EXCELLENT work with me consulting for SMB’s in the Los Angeles area. We currently work together on both content creation for new websites, as well as social media marketing. All deadlines have been met with time to spare.” Roy Sivan 

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